Tomato 1.02 problem?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by vladbph, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. vladbph

    vladbph LI Guru Member

    Please help me with one problem. I wanted to connect my WRT54G upgraded with Tomato 1.02 to WRT54GSv5 with standard firmware. In order to do that
    I setup WRT54G:
    IP address
    SSID same as WRT54GSv5
    mask unchanged
    WEP settings same as WRT54GSv5
    Access Point+WDS
    set MAC address of WRT54GSv5 to connect in WDS mode.

    Once I saved the settings on WRT54G it connects to WRT54GSv5 wirelessly no problem(I can see computer connected over ethernet to WRT54G in WRT54GSv5 DHCP table). WRT54G works great as relay. BUT I cannot login to it using address to WRT54G router any more :(
  2. dvaskelis

    dvaskelis Network Guru Member

    What's the address of the gateway/AP WRT54G v5?
  3. vladbph

    vladbph LI Guru Member

    It is It has DHCP enabled in from adress.
  4. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    plug into your WDS unit, set a static IP on the "plugged in" computer to

    log into the router and change the IP to,
    set the DNS and GATEWAY address to and save.

    return your "plugged in" computer to DHCP (obtain address automatically)

    you then be able loggin to the WDS router.

    make sure the WDS unit has the WAN and DHCP disabled.
  5. vladbph

    vladbph LI Guru Member

    Thank you very much!!!!
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