tomato 1.19 cant download torrent when qos enabled

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Angryrabbit, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Angryrabbit

    Angryrabbit Reformed Router Member

    hi i dont know why utorrent is stuck and cant download usually say "connecting to peers" other times it downloading at 0.1kbps

    i pretty much used the setting on this guide
    Default Class D
    Max bandwidth set to 200kbps for now
    Highest 5-20
    High 5-20
    Medium 5-20
    Low 50-100
    Lowest 20-50
    A 20-90
    B 5-50
    C 5-90
    D 5-90
    E 1-None

    Inbound Limit 2000 (60% of bandwidth for best latency figures).
    Highest 10%
    High 10%
    Medium 10%
    Low NONE
    Lowest 30%
    A 70%
    B 70%
    C 90%
    D 80%
    E 1%

    T/U Dest 53 0-5K Highest DNS
    T/U Dest 27015 High Games (DOD)
    (addit for xbox live - 3074 T/U 88 UDP, src and poss dest - High Games)
    T/U Dest 554,8554 0-5K Medium RTSP
    TCP Dest 80,443 0-256K Low WWW
    T/U Dest 52860,20978,4070 Lowest Spotify
    T/U Dest 25,110 A Mail
    T/U Dest 6667-7002 B IRC
    TCP Dest 20-22,80,442 256K+ C FTP/HTTP file transfers
    T/U Anything you don't want on your network - E, Crawl Class

    Maximum Connections 2000
    TCP Timeout

    otherwise the web surfing has been fast and responsive . just not able to get any p2p to work. any help is appreciated thanks for reading
  2. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

    I guess your torrent falls by default into the Crawl Class. You need to add your torrent port to one of the QoS rules.
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