tomato 1.23 strange logs

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by bagu, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. bagu

    bagu Network Guru Member

    Hi, since few days, i see a bunch a logs like this :

    2009/02/18 00:00:02,80 M kernel: br0: received tcn bpdu on port 1(vlan0) 
    2009/02/18 00:00:02,80 M kernel: br0: topology change detected, propagating 
    2009/02/18 00:00:04,82 M kernel: br0: received tcn bpdu on port 1(vlan0) 
    2009/02/18 00:00:04,82 M kernel: br0: topology change detected, propagating 
    2009/02/18 00:00:06,82 M kernel: br0: received tcn bpdu on port 1(vlan0) 
    2009/02/18 00:00:06,82 M kernel: br0: topology change detected, propagating 

    Can someone explain me why it happen ?

    I use wrt54gs v1.0 with tomato 1.23
    My lan have 2 wireless client, 3 lan client, one lan printer, one pap2t sip box.
    Everything have a static ip given by the static dhcp option.

    An other question, since i have my pap2t, i see this :
    2009/02/18 02:35:42,69 I udp 5060 5060
    2009/02/18 02:35:42,86 I udp 5060 5060

    In my logs. is my sip proxy domain. My phone work but these logs are strange for me.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    The first logs are because one of your devices is running STP (spanning-tree), you have already identified the second part of the logs.
  3. bagu

    bagu Network Guru Member

    For the first part, none of my device run spanning tree.
    If i reboot the wrt, message disappear for 30 minute to 9 hours (randomly)

    For the second part, as you can see, the letter I show that the traffic is blocked.
    So, i don't know why.

    So, what can cause the first message (because it's extremly random and when it appear, these message fill completly my logs) ?

    And how can i manage my iptable and/or an other component to clear the second message ?

  4. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    tcn bpdu is a spanning tree message sent when there has been a topology change. Is you are not running spanning tree then the kernel is getting confused by something that is being sent on the network.

    as far as the second part there are many on the site that are great with iptables, If you post what you are having issues with i am sure you will get an answer.
  5. bagu

    bagu Network Guru Member

    Ok, but i can't understand why it happen randomly.
    And, except my printer and my pap2t (which are off when the error messages happen) i only run windox xp on my pc.
    So, what can make this happen ?

    Sorry, but i believe i could have this help here. Sad to see it's not.
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