Tomato as wireless bridge issue? Maybe?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Polaris75, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Polaris75

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    Sorry, worst bug report ever, I know, but I just needed to get things fixed ASAP as I caused a complete media center outage and my wife is watching TV about 16 hours a day currently as she recovers from surgery, so I didn't get to do a lot of troubleshooting or any kind of really deep or detailed investigation.

    Previous, working setup:

    Win 7 <-wired-> WRT54GL w/ ddWRT v23 SP2 nokaid std *AP* <-wireless-> WRT54GL w/ ddWRT v23 nokaid std *wireless bridge* <-wired-> Xbox 360

    Using the 360 as a media center extender was working well. It was sluggish, disconnected fairly often, and didn't have the throughput for HD without a lot of jumps and stutters. iperf tests were showing about 17-21 Mbps.

    I switched both of the routers to the latest version of Teddy Bear's Tomato:

    Win 7 <-wired-> WRT54GL w/ Teddy Bear (v27.8745) *AP* <-wireless-> WRT54GL w/ Teddy Bear (v27.8745) *wireless bridge* <-wired-> Xbox 360

    iperf tests were showing about the same throughput, but when I fired up the media center extender, it would work great for about 5 seconds, then lock up, then disconnect. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. I started with slightly tweaked wireless settings (short preambles, frame burst on, WMM on and off) and eventually ended up at just defaults and it was still happening. Yet while I was frozen and disconnecting on the 360 I could come upstairs and start an iperf test and show absolutely no issues and still get 17-18 Mbps.

    So I tried changing the wireless bridge to the default Tomato ND v27 firmware:

    Win 7 <-wired-> WRT54GL w/ Teddy Bear (v27.8745) *AP* <-wireless-> WRT54GL w/ Tomato ND (v27) *wireless bridge* <-wired-> Xbox 360

    The issue remained.

    Then I went and got ddWRT v24 nokaid std and threw it on that box:

    Win 7 <-wired-> WRT54GL w/ Teddy Bear (v27.8745) *AP* <-wireless-> WRT54GL w/ ddWRT v24 nokaid std *wireless bridge* <-wired-> Xbox 360

    and now I am able to connect the media center extender, browse and playback media with no issues, just like before I changed anything.

    I am sorry, I realize there is almost no useful info here, but it's all I've got, and I think it is fairly safe to say there is an issue for sure. I'd be happy to do any further testing needed to identify and resolve the issue as soon as the TV is available if anyone would like any further information.
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