Tomato excitement tampering off?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by FattysGoneWild, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    Is Tomato just that good? Or are people tired of it? I posted about the new release 1.28 and it is always up right away on a sticky. Not by me personally. The forum seems kinda dead. Everyone around still?!?
  2. premudriy

    premudriy LI Guru Member

    I'm definitely around. I'm just patiently waiting for the next release of Victek's mod based on 1.28 Tomato.

    I also have no issues with Tomato whatsoever and thus have not posted in a while.
  3. occamsrazor

    occamsrazor Network Guru Member

    Still around keeping an eye on new developments, using TeddyBear's K26 VPN mod, and looking for good ways to move to 802.11n wireless.
    I have to say though, for the last year it's all been working so well for me that I have less to discuss than I used to. I think that's a good thing :)
  4. Low-WRT

    Low-WRT LI Guru Member

    For me, everything works...nothing to complain about.:wink1:

    Thanks, Jon!:clap:
  5. szfong

    szfong Network Guru Member

    I think alot of the people who were really excited about Tomato may have upgraded to dual/single band giga-bit routers with 802.11n, which is cheaper right now and may have much higher speed internet connections that Tomato-based routers can no longer handle. Just wish Jon would "officially" support a few modern routers. Also, newer docsis 3, uverse, ip-dslam, & fios based high speed connections, are complicated to setup with Tomato, not the fault of Tomato of course. Very high speed routing, multi-wan, and the need to have hundred or thousands of connections transferring data simultaneously is something that only the newest, non-Tomato router can accomplish eg. the wndr3700. I use a WNDR3700 & a Tomato-Buffalo as an AP, while an embedded board does the routing, firewall, load balancing, voip, vpn, traffic shaping, running various services, etc... Jon seems to have lost interest in the project. Upgrades use to be monthly or bimonthly.

    Just also wish Jon would port Tomato to a dual band giga router.
  6. dmb41crash

    dmb41crash Networkin' Nut Member

    In my case, I'm running the TeddyBear mod, so the official releases don't concern me much until TB releases his modded version. I always check the release notes, but I've found more often than not lately, the changes/fixes have already been incorporated in the more recent TB releases. In fact, it looks like 1.28 was by and large built out from TB's mod, and not vice versa as would be expected. The official releases are so few and far between that they are largely irrelevant compared with one or two releases per month of TB's mod. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Azuse

    Azuse LI Guru Member

    We're all here. The reason you see less posts here than on other router forums is because tomato simply works. Once it's working hardly anyone has an issue with such excellently codded firmware :)
  8. szfong

    szfong Network Guru Member

    WiFi use to be really exciting, but now is basically a commodity item, like most anything computer/electronic related. Even the dd-wrt discussion forums has slowed down considerably. I agree that Tomato is quite stable and you can simply set it and forget it and then move on to other "more" exciting stuff... :)
  9. mraneri

    mraneri Network Guru Member

    Agree with what others have said. I check back in on a fairly routine basis, but generally don't have much to say. Tomato works great for me. I'm still running a Buffalo WHR-G54S, and it works great. Tomato basically does everything I need it to do, and does it reliably.

    I have no complaints.
  10. GreenThumb

    GreenThumb Addicted to LI Member

    All of that could be fixed if Tomato could be upgraded to a 2.6 kernel.
  11. dkirk

    dkirk Network Guru Member

    What is the speed limitation of a Linksys/Broadcom-based router? I've got 15 meg DSL that Tomato seems to be plenty happy with.
  12. szfong

    szfong Network Guru Member

    It depends.. On a wired single stream stream connection it can reach 25-30Mbps, in an old test I did. Once you connect wirelessly or have a wireless client connected, the cpu usage rises quite a bit. Although each additional client uses cpu not as much. Also, saturating the wireless connection uses alot of cpu. You'll see sawtooth shaped bandwidth graphs when you start hitting the limits. If you have the dsl modem in bridge mode, you can hit the limit with 15Mbps, since the pppoe client uses a bit of cpu as well, as does traffic shaping, other services.. If not saturating your connection, eg p2p, then router would be fine. In my area we don't have 15 Mbps dsl, there is adsl2+ which uses ip-dslam, which is much more efficient than atm-based dsl, but there is a catch, you must use the 2wire provided router which limits the # of connection you can make in/out. We also have dsl-based Uverse (ATT), which is vdsl2, and must also put 2wire in dmz+ (very buggy) mode to use tomato (double-nat). It comes to a point that most would just use the 2wire alone or put a dual-band giga router in AP mode off of the residential gateway to get better wireless/gigabit/range.
  13. roadkill

    roadkill Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I moved on Tomato was just a starting point when I realized what I can do with my router I continued experimenting and I'm currently on OpenWRT since it allows more customization.

    I think Tomato Development is going slow now days a major upgrade should already due.

  14. szfong

    szfong Network Guru Member

    Yeah, with openwrt & an alix board, w/ 256MB 500MHz CPU + USB, I can do alot more with it and it is smaller and just as efficient. But nothing beats tomato's ease of use and very nice/simple interface. Just wished Tomato is compatible w/ a simul-dual band N router.
  15. hokie21

    hokie21 Network Guru Member

    I don't agree with your assessment of quality. Mine resets on a frequent (weekly) basis. The author never responded to my reports of this issue. I've changed versions of Tomato and I still continue to have the issue.
  16. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    I have been using Tomato for 2 years now with my WRT54GL v1.1 Many different versions including the latest 1.28 It has never had a reboot issue. Either you did not install it right or there is a issue with hardware. Meaning the wireless network cards or router itself. ND fixes reboot issues usually.

  17. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    In my case, I'm busy - so not about much. However, I'm not in the least bit excited about 1.26, 1.27, 1.28 etc. because other modders left OEM Tomato behind long ago. At the moment all eyes are on Teddy Bear's mods and better routers. It has to be said that for most of us, we already have a reliable and functional router and we don't need bells and whistles, NAS etc. I would be more interested in expanding the existing functions in relatively small ways, to give better user feedback, etc. rather than NAS/P2P/HTTP servers etc. I just wish I had the ability to contribute something LOL
  18. pmason

    pmason Addicted to LI Member

    I have to say that I have only recently started posting in this forum, but I've been a tomato user for years. There is such a wealth of information about Tomato networking out there that it's possible for the noob to learn pretty much everything by google searching and browsing forums like this.

    It was only when I hit a wall in setting up a VPN using teddy bear's Tomato USB VPN and couldn't go any further on searches that I decided to post. I think there are MANY like me who just lurk.

    It does seem that there is confusion about Tomato since it officially only supports old routers. It would be nice if the community could "officially" move forward with the support that already exists in some of the mod packages.

    I've only recently begun playing with dd-wrt because it was easy to set up as a repeater broadcasting my neighbor's wifi inside my house on a separate SSID. I think more dd-wrt style "how-to" articles would help the Tomato community.
  19. LanceMoreland

    LanceMoreland Network Guru Member

    I have a high speed Internet connection and on a wired machine I can take 25 Mbps down (maybe as fast as my service will allow, I don't know) and on a wireless box I can take 20 Mbps down. I will find out if it can do more on a wired machine because we are due an upgrade in a couple of months. Oddly enough a wireless machine going through a dedicated WDS system does not slow things down a bit.
  20. myersw

    myersw Network Guru Member

    Some folks are waiting for Victek to put out a new release based on 1.28 I suspect. I had issues with 1.27 on a WRT54GL but not Victek's 1.25. Also for my Asus upgrade from the WRT I run teddy-bear's mod.
    I suspect most folks have moved to teddy's or are waiting for Victek. Jon did a great job on the original Tomato (many thanks, Jon) but I get the feeling he is not interested in doing support for newer then the WRT54's. He has worked long and hard and deserves are rest.
  21. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    I would love to see Tomato work on the new routers. TB cant be a 1 man crew and it seems he is the only 1 really pushing forward with Tomato on the new routers. At the same time. No telling how long it will be in beta stage before official release? That is 1 thing DD-WRT has over Tomato. It is constantly being developed fast with new routers. The old Tomato is tried and true. Which we all know that. Are devs. simply not interested in Tomato like DD-WRT? Or is there some kind of hardware issue with these new routers and Tomato stopping further development? Buffalo is even selling their routers now with DD-WRT on them from the factory.
  22. encore2097

    encore2097 Network Guru Member

    Since I now use linux almost exclusively, I've essentially switched to OpenWrt (w/ Gargoyle Router for when other people need to check the router). However, tomato still has the nicest, most thoughtful bandwidth display pages.
  23. paped

    paped LI Guru Member

    For everybody wanting faster routers with Tomato this page may be of interest I found it a few weeks ago....

    Don't know who is doing this Tomato port for the Netgear Open source router or how official it is but it sparked my interest so I am keeping an eye on it and the Netgear is an N spec router. There was an article on the site (can't find it now) about Tomato also supporting its USB port for network storage?

    However back on subject Tomato on Linksys is stable for me and has given me excellent service for many years, now playing with the TomatoVPN version which if I can get it working will be even better....! My VPN on my router I can turn my always on PC off finally......
  24. AeN0

    AeN0 Network Guru Member

    The guy is teddy_bear and his thread is sticky on this forum "Tomato ND USB Mod with kernel 2.6". How could you miss it? :eek:

    I'm using right now the WNR3500L with Tomato and I got USB and N working...
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