Tomato Firmware for Linksys E1000 v2.1 (will help)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Julzk, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Tyrel

    Tyrel Networkin' Nut Member

    Reported this a while ago, but Shibby doesn't seem to follow this thread anymore... :(

    I think 104 or 105 was the last one I could install, all the rest are too big and cannot fit into the memory. I think removing a few pictures / themes from the build could already solve the issue.

    Or alternatively we could try to find a cheap way to replace the router with an E900, it's essentially the same, just looks better and has 8MB flash...
  2. Mangix

    Mangix Networkin' Nut Member

    It's possible to build it with a few features removed(PPTP, HTTPS, etc...)
  3. Tyrel

    Tyrel Networkin' Nut Member

    Yeah, but the problem is that some of us might need those removed features... For example I'm actively using HTTPS.

    I even use the experimental/beta feature which allows the router to act as multiple Wi-Fi hotspots in one, creating different virtual LAN's... The whole point in using firmwares like Tomato is that it can do all these kinds of crazy stuff, whereas the factory default can't even implement a simple WOL feature (also using that one btw).

    That's why I'd propose to remove unnecessary stuff like the themes... Really we only need to save like 200k data even in the worst situations. Can't be impossible. Wish they had put more memory in this thing...

    Edit: Thinking of it a bit further, there might be some setting pages which could be removed without anyone missing them. For example the Advanced Wireless Settings page is (in my opinion) waaays too complicated for anyone who aims to use routers from the price range of E1000.
  4. Mangix

    Mangix Networkin' Nut Member


    The themes don't actually take very much space. The basic ones are under a kilobyte each and after LZMA compression they are even smaller.

    One other thing you could do is to edit some Makefiles prior to building(OpenSSL comes to mind) and change -O2 or -O3 to -Os.

    Keep in mind that 4MB is really pushing it. My mp3s are usually bigger...
  5. jerrm

    jerrm Network Guru Member

    Also realize to decrease the image by 200K, you need to eliminate about twice that amount of code because of compression.

    Your best bet would probably be to build your own image. The devs are focused more on things like the AC66U which is necessary if tomato is to continue.

    I don't mean to trivialize your situation, there are a lot of others in the same boat, or may be soon as size continues to creep.

    I have to wonder if the mini builds might be better served if they were branched off and only received necessary/security/critical updates.
  6. rolfp

    rolfp Serious Server Member

    I've got an e1000 v2.1 and want to have something that works with Comcast native dual stack (dhcpv6?) ipv6 implementation. I got
    but neither would flash from the stock firmware, so I flashed
    and, first tried
    and that loads, tyvm.

    However, when I try to flash from there to
    I very soon get "File is too big to fit in MTD" :(
  7. Pavel Grigorov

    Pavel Grigorov Reformed Router Member

    My first post here, so please be a bit tolerant if I am not asking the right way. :)

    I am now running a 1.28.0095 MIPSR2_Flash_From_Stock_Firmware K26 Mini on my E1000 v2.1. I couldn't install some of the latest releases from here, as they seem too big . My questions are:
    - which is the latest release, working fine on a v2.1?
    - is there a reason to upgrade?
    - is there a version that supports over clocking of the BCM5357 and is there a performance boost if I do so? (I am chasing a wireless speed improvement)
    Any help will be much appreciated.
  8. rstark18

    rstark18 Networkin' Nut Member

    I ran across this thread in the frustrating attempt to upgrade my mom's E1000 v2.1 to Tomato_Shibby. I've used shibby builds for years for myself. The reason I finally had to get my mom's router on it was because the stock only supports a few DDNS services that are no longer free.

    After a long (frustrating) session of trying to figure out why the latest NAMED firmware wouldn't load I came here to do a little reading.
    First of all I did flash to DDW-RT for the Stock to Mod transition but according to an earlier post there is a Tomato version.
    As far as official Shibby builds the last one that will fit is 105. All the others (as has been stated here) are too big. I am going to try out tvlz version of 116.
    I wonder if he still follows this thread? If so are you planning a 117 build?
  9. maisx

    maisx Network Newbie Member

    Hello Shibby am trying to install the tomato Shibby on cisco e1000 version 2.0
    I installed DDWRT and it 'all went ok then I downloaded the version 119_E1000 from the website
    try to install it but nothing changes remains DDWRT
    please can you help me
    thank you very much
  10. Marcel Tunks

    Marcel Tunks Networkin' Nut Member

    The file is too big to fit on your router due to all the included features. Please read the rest of this thread, or at least read the post right before your own.
  11. maisx

    maisx Network Newbie Member

    thank you very much for your reply
    I read the instructions I did a test but nothing changes.
    I would understand if my procedure is correct
    from original linksys firmware install dd-wrt
    fthen to install dd-wrt tomato Shibby 105
    TKS 1000
  12. tvlz

    tvlz LI Guru Member

    You can flash these builds from original linksys firmware
    Tvlz Builds
  13. tomahawk947

    tomahawk947 Network Newbie Member

    hi tvlz, what are the features included in this release? I would like to try the tomato-E1000v2-v21-NVRAM32K-1.28.20MIPSR2-Tvlz_Tomato_RT-N_MiniIPv6 on my e1000 v2.1. TIA
  14. tomahawk947

    tomahawk947 Network Newbie Member

    My priorities are multiSSID and QoS. Are these part of this build?
  15. Julzk

    Julzk Networkin' Nut Member

    After doing some searching and lots of google translations and unbricking both my E1000 v2.1 routers a few times trying to get a good working copy of newer Tomato firmware that covers Heartbleed SSL bug, I finally had some success!

    I've been sitting on build 104 for quite some time and just tonight upgraded both routers to build 117. I've been able to upgrade my E1000 v2.1 to build 121 as well however it's in Chinese only at this point. But for now I'm happy with my 117 build on both my E1000 v2.1 routers! It's still a huge step up and lots of changes from the older 104/105 that people seem to be commonly running. E1000 v2.1 <-- The two listings from Australia are both mine.

    Version I used: tomato-E1000v2-v21-NVRAM32K-1.28.117-MIPSR2-20140420.Hyzoom.RT_N5x-4M-Mini.bin (English build by bwq518 from China)

    Again, just a reminder, E1000 v2.1 router's with 4MB flash require the build files to be equal to or less than 3776kb in file size.


  16. big0bum

    big0bum Addicted to LI Member

    Hey, do you still have the file saved somewhere? It's gone from the server.
    Also, do these builds have IPv6?


    Sent from my ΠΞXUS5
  17. Julzk

    Julzk Networkin' Nut Member

    Ok, so I've uploaded two copies for you that I know work on my E1000 v2.1 Routers.

    Tlvz has rev .120 in both Mini and Mini with IP6. I just 10 minutes ago tested it on one of my E1000 v2.1 routers and it works fine with IP6 integration. I've uploaded a copy of it here for you:

    Also, I've uploaded the revision .117 from BWQ518 there as well. I noticed his chinese mirrors goes up and down which is a pain. I tested one of his latest revisions .121 and it works great! Sadly it's in Chinese only, so I've requested he make english versions of these also. Earlier today I was able to access his repository and noticed he added an english folder for the .121 builds but I cannot access it right now, I should of downloaded it earlier already! Meh... Either way, both builds I've uploaded to the URL I posted above.

    Let me know how you go with them!
  18. big0bum

    big0bum Addicted to LI Member

    Thank you!
    IPv6 version works great! I've upgraded from 105 Shibby.

    LE: I can't save IPv6 tunnel. It gaves me an error: The field "ipv6_vlan" is invalid. Please report this problem.

    EDIT: Solved by deleting the node from the HTML source.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2014
  19. MikeM

    MikeM Network Newbie Member

    Hey! I signed up here just to say this firmware is amazing! So cool, and it was an easy painless procedure on my v2.1 from the latest version provided in this thread. This was a random internet find for me today, so a total internet win. Thank you to the developer, I can't imagine a more kick ass upgrade that is so amazingly useful, especially compared to the crap firmware that was on there about five minutes ago. Thank you thank you thank you!
  20. Tuckson

    Tuckson Network Newbie Member

    Laters shibby ip4 is 123 . This one is considerably smaller than the previous releases.
    Is this correct?
  21. big0bum

    big0bum Addicted to LI Member

  22. Asaness Lights

    Asaness Lights Reformed Router Member

    Hello, this is my first time flashing to E1000 v2.1 using third party firmware and to go to this thread. I noticed most of the people posted here flash their stock firmware to DDWRT then to Tomato. So far it's 2016, is it possible to flash directly from Stock original firmware to Tomato Shibby 132 mini? For the sake of record (to avoid bricking), I'll update everything as possible in this post according to my progress from E1000 v2.1 stock migration to Tomato.


    EDIT: I just saw many compatible builds for this router. Which one should I choose in terms of stability? Shibby, TVLZ, or Toastman?

    Just tried it out myself. I'm using stock 2.1.02 build 5May 6, 2011 of Linksys E1000 v2.1. Tried 30/30/30 and gone to firmware upgrade. I used 'tomato-E1000v2-v21-NVRAM32K-1.28.RT-N5x-MIPSR2-132-Mini' in the process it displays "Firmware upgrade failed!" What did I skipped or what went wrong??

    EDIT2: I've successfully flashed Linksys E1000 v2.1 to DD-WRT 16968 Eko Build. Now Moving to tomato. The link louiemiranda shared in this thread doesn't work
    Tomato Firmware for Linksys E1000 v2.1 (will help)

    If somehow shed a light on how to flash DD-WRT to Tomato without bricking it?

    What is your opinion on this?
    Do I have to flash DD-WRT to Tomato base version before upgrading to Shibby?
    Last edited: May 16, 2016
  23. tvlz

    tvlz LI Guru Member

    You could have flashed directly from stock firmware to Tomato if you used this flash from stock firmware first before you flashed Tomato Shibby 132 mini.

    Now that you flashed to dd-wrt you can just use the upgrade option to flash Tomato, give it plenty of time to flash and you will need to reset the router after.
  24. Asaness Lights

    Asaness Lights Reformed Router Member

    just to be clear, do i need to do 30/30/30 before&after flashing tomato build? thanks!


    I just upgraded my dd-wrt.v24-16968 to Tomato shibby 132. No problems occured in the process.
    Last edited: May 18, 2016
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