Tomato firmware in client bridge mode limiting xfer speed to ~1MB/sec

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by clayton stanley, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. clayton stanley

    clayton stanley Serious Server Member

    I just set up Tomato Firmware v1.28.7821 MIPSR1-Toastman-ND K26 MiniIPv6 on my Linksys WRT54GL, and I've noticed that the wireless transfer speeds over LAN cap out at about 1.5 MB/sec. This seems very slow, since the router is connecting to an Airport Extreme.

    [image will be temporarily unavailable]

    All traffic in the plot above is LAN traffic.

    My Tomato and Airport config are both pretty standard. I'm not doing anything fancy with the router settings. Just enough config to get the client bridge to work (which it does; it's just slow).

    Any ideas on what is causing the slowdown, or how to troubleshoot it? I'm comfortable sshing and using bash commands, if the command line is your preferred way to troubleshoot the issue. Or web interface works too.

  2. rs232

    rs232 Network Guru Member

    Are you using QoS at all?
    Perhaps it's connecting in B mode?
    What does the Overview paga say about wireless (Speed/signal strenght)?
    Double check the wireless settings under advanced and post the screenshot.

  3. clayton stanley

    clayton stanley Serious Server Member



    [image will be temporarily unavailable]

    QoS is disabled.

    Looks like it says that it is operating in G mode. Looking on the Airport Extreme, the Linksys wireless client also registers as a 54mbit/sec client. But you're right, the data rate makes 'B' mode largely suspect; thing is, I can't find any setting that says 'B' mode...

    As far as the advanced settings, of those that I understand, things look 'OK'.

    Interesting. If I set the Transmission Rate to 54Mbit/s, I loose wireless connectivity to the Airport Extreme. I would think that since it says G, that this would work. If I bump that setting down one notch (around 40ish Mbit/s, I get connectivity, but transfer rate is still the same (still pegged at ~11 Mbit/s)

    Any thoughts?

  4. hjf288

    hjf288 LI Guru Member

    Try enabling frame burst and changing preamble to short.. and WMM on
  5. clayton stanley

    clayton stanley Serious Server Member

    Thanks hjf288, but still ~11Mbits/s with that change. My thinking on this is since it's a drastic difference between current xfer rate and advertised G speeds, that it's unlikely to be a setting that's used to optimize the last 10% of the router's performance (e.g., most settings on the advanced pane). The router isn't performing at 90% currently. It's working at ~20%.
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