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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by chrcoluk, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. chrcoluk

    chrcoluk Reformed Router Member

    Are these issues in all the tomato builds?

    The following issue doesnt exist on any commercial firmware or with the asuswrt-merlin

    Adjusting wireless setting in gui causes full network restart, eg. changing channel drops the pppoe connection, there is absolutely no need for this. I believe this is something that has acted this way since the original tomato firmware and no new releases since have tried to change this.

    I have tried to find telnet commands to adjust wireless manually but documentation seems lacking.

    Adjusting port forwarding drops pppoe, as above shouldnt be happening. How to manually adjust in telnet or to get dev to change?

    Really lan reconfiguration should not be causing wan restarts.

    Also shibby downgraded the pppoe driver, he wasnt even using the latest anyway but now has downgraded to one that is obselete and doesnt support 1500mtu on pppoe, , can he upgrade again, is tomato mod using the newer version?
  2. chrcoluk

    chrcoluk Reformed Router Member

    so I found alternative methods with the l tool such as eg. doing this to set channel and bandwidth.

    root@TomatoASUS:/tmp/home/root# wl chanspec -c 11 -w 40 -b 2 -s 1
    Chanspec set to 0x2e0b
    that set to 40mhz channel on channel 13. The change appears instant in gui and no full network restart. However for it to actually apply I then have to after click disable in the gui overview page then enable again, this is still ok as it doesnt do a full network restart either, so this proves its possible and its just bad gui scripting design.

    Most of the advanced wireless settings can also be adjusted with the wl tool but I dont see preamble on it and also when I adjust anything on the advanced page it doesnt show up on the gui as changed so I guess there is a file/db somewhere those changes get written to when adjusted in the gui.

    So the request is to both shibby and toastman.

    Seperate the basic wireless settings away from the internet settings (currently same page).
    Any wireless settings and other lan side changes do not do full network restarts. Only do whats needed to apply the settings.
  3. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Agree in principle - one of the original benefits of Tomato over dd-wrt was that in the Tomato was more selective about what needed to be restarted - at the time dd-wrt used to do full soft-reboot on many changes.

    Of course it is always safer to restart more, and can be difficult to cater for all wan types etc. Some changes even cause the Firewall script to be called multiple times, which is not optimal (and a pain if you have scripts in there).

    Would be easier to fix if just scripts, but Tomato has script like functions coded in C, with integrated links via custom webserver so I'm sure Shibby/Toastman would consider any specific patches you want to offer!
  4. chrcoluk

    chrcoluk Reformed Router Member

    Sadly I am no coder and i appreciate your reply.

    So basically some core coding needs changing to change this full restart behaviour.
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