tomato for WRT54G3G-ST??? for pcmia card (and how to control torrenting while keeping harmony)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by timjordan, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. timjordan

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    The router I have is a model WRT54G3G-ST
    ( )


    It allows for a pcmia card to be inserted into the top of the router. I am trying to find the correct firmwear on the page
    I am not sure which firmware to use for this router. If I get it wrong it wont work. Because it has this special feature I need to make sure to pick the exact firmware.

    The card get the signal through the pcmia card and broadcasts it via wifi. Its a card that has unlimited internet for about 50$ a month (grandfathered) but only at 1.33 mb speed. Its feeding a "compound" where my mother in law lives. There are a few people that use the internet from it. A few people torrents relentlessly and uses a lions share of the internet. I do not mind torrenting unless it blocks nana from using the internet. My plan is to put the tomato firmware on it. Then I can put all the mac addresses on the router that use the internet and manage them. With tomato I can limit each mac address. I can also limit torrenting in the QOS section. That is my plan for keeping family harmony and allowing my in laws (nana and poppa) to browse facebook unencumbered by unpaid torrenting. If you have any thoughts I would like to know. Trying to set it up today.
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  2. timjordan

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    Not supported in tomato. Had a buddy that had one a while back that, but couldn't do anything with it. dd-wrt doesn't have support it either, I'm surpised to see openwrt does/did.
    In your position I think I'd disable the wifi on that device, and hook up a tomato support router to it's lan port (and then wan on the tomato router). That way you'd be able to do bandwidth limiting, and then just use the wrt54g3g like a modem.
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    Wow thats a great idea! Thanks so much! I had not even considered that. I did use the WWRT firmwear I downloaded from and it works well. I did have to put a comma before the number used in the dial up section. The card shows a space for user name password and the dial up number. For verizon it is user name

    (your pcmia card phone number)

    then your password, it is


    then the dial up number which does not seem to work unless you put in the comma


    Anyway making this a router, then having my wifi on another router all together makes great sense. Thanks so much.
    I have a spare belkin model f6d4230-4 v2. I don't have high hopes for that one though. May have to find another. I will have to use the wrt54g3g-st until I find a better one. I am at my in laws and all my tech boxes are far away. I will find a better router there for sure.
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