Tomato Logs - how long do they go back?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by philtrim, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. philtrim

    philtrim Addicted to LI Member

    When looking at my logs, it seems it is not keeping a long history of the logs. I guess a better question is; When is the Log file reset, On a reboot, Shutdown when.

    If I don't force the logs to be cleared by one of the above methods, (reboot, shutdown or whatever triggers a log clear) what size are the logs allowed to reach?

    I am having line issues, and I want to make sure I keep as much log data as possible on my frequent disconnects. I am also logging to a Ubuntu server (still learning this) but I can not always find which LOGFILE to view on the Ubuntu box (messages, syslog, etc..) sometimes they have data, other times they are empty?? But bare with me, I'm new to the Linux environment, and I'm still learning to navigate the NIX command line. Very challenging!

  2. SgtPepperKSU

    SgtPepperKSU Network Guru Member

    By default, the syslog is just stored in volatile memory so it is lost on reboot/shutdown. In this case, the logs rotate (copied to another file and a new one is started) once they reach 50kB, and only one rotated log file is kept at a time.

    However, if you change it to log only to a remote server, these limits do not occur.
  3. philtrim

    philtrim Addicted to LI Member

    Thanks, SgtPepperKSU.

    I value your vast knowledge.
  4. Planiwa

    Planiwa Network Guru Member

    The log files are:

    -rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 39847 Jul 8 18:18 messages
    -rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 51367 Jul 6 23:12 messages.0

    here is another one:

    -rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 33425 Jul 8 18:02 messages
    -rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 51295 Jul 8 00:21 messages.0

    The current one is renamed .0, replacing the previous previous one, when it exceeds 50k bytes.

    Unfortunately, there is a lot of DNSMASQ/DHCP pollution, accounting for about 90% or more of all messages. Also, there are too many messages polluting PPP re-connect attempts.

    (One of these days I will write a filter that selects and keeps important messages in a critical log.)
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