Tomato MEGA Optware Package

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Lost_Animal, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Lost_Animal

    Lost_Animal Addicted to LI Member

    New Optware Package named MEGA is on track.

    UPDATE on 30/06/10...
    Current Version 1.0.5 (Beta)

    Now Is on BETA 5 and can be Installed...

    Here is the First Two Pages ....

    Page ONE


    Page TWO


    What Included until now ?

    • Midnight Commander v. (working)
    • dropbear (working)
    • Cron (working)
    • nano (working)
    • Lighttpd (working)
    • PHP-fcgi (working)
    • SQLite (working)
    • microperl (working)
    • rTorrent + ruTorrent (cookies, erasedata, search, trafic, scheduler) (working)
    • Transmission (working)
    • Samba 3 (working)
    • vsftpd (working)
    • Download Engine v.2.0-18 (working)
    • syslog-ng (working)
    • QuiXplorer. (working)
    • RRDTool Traffic Graph Page (working)
    • NOD32 v.3 è 4 (working)
    • Privoxy (working)
    • Sawanna CMS (working)
    • phpSQLiteCMS (working)
    • RRDTool (working)
    • NOD32update (working)
    • System Info (working)
    • Townky Media Server v.5.0 Beta 1 (working)
    • Media Tomb (working)
    • Imageview v.2 (Flash Photo Gallery) (working)
    • WebICQ v.1.0 (working)
    • SMS messages on your phone (working)
    • vnStat PHP frontend 1.4.1 rus (working)
    • ADOS — Download Master (working)
    • Ipkg (the ipkg web frontend) (working)

    • [*]Asterisk 1.6.2 with Addons & Sound Samples and Web Interface (working)
      [*]SABnzbd Plus with Web Interface (need more debug)

      [*]NZBGet with web interface (working)

      [*]Ushare Media Server (working)
      [*]Plowshare Commnand line Down/Uploader (working)
      [*]Vlighttpd By frater ( DD-WRT ) (not ready yet)

      [*]mysql5 - 5.0.88-1 - PHPmyAdmin (working)

      [*]Service Manager (DD-wrt frater Script) (not ready yet)

      [*]WiMAX (modem Samsung SWC-U200 from Yota) (working)
      [*]MLDonkey (Donkey, BitTorrent, FileTP) (ADDED and Working)
      [*]ExBB FM 1.0 RC1 (Forum) (Added and Working)
      [*]YaBB_2.4 (Forum) (not ready YET)
      [*]DBHub a really nice HUB Server for DC++ Community (working)
    List of APPS is not Closed Yet...

    If you want to TEST it as a BETA2 (Not Full Functional) then Download from HERE.

    I need your feedback to debug the errors or your ideas about addons....

    Some ScreenShots...







    Source Here
  2. maurer

    maurer Network Guru Member

    is there any tutorial for this, dependencies?
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