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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by 3lackhawk, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. 3lackhawk

    3lackhawk Addicted to LI Member

    Could you help me how to make loadable kernel module (quickcam.o) Logitech webcam driver for Tomato (latest 2.4.37) ? Thanks in advance.

  2. ray123

    ray123 LI Guru Member

    There's no quickcam.c in the Tomato Linux tree. If your cam isn't supported by the supplied driver, then it will not work. Period.

    However, I'll rebuild my webcam package for the current Tomato kernel version and post it soon. I just got busy and forgot. :frown:
    All the latest software runs only on kernel version 2.6.18+, and they've said that they will NOT be backporting it.

    In my spare time, I'm currently playing around with trying to make a driver that will support UVC webcams. These are the current state-of-the-art for PC's and are those that say "no driver needed" (since UVC is built into Windows). It's slow going, because usable documentation is non-existant, and because I know almost nothing about USB protocol.
  3. 3lackhawk

    3lackhawk Addicted to LI Member

    First of all, Thank you for your quick answer.Secondly Thanks awfully the tomato maker, and the usb mod maker, and you :smile:

    I'm glad to see lots of people who spend their freetime to develop something useful like this.

    I'm not an expert of the linux world that's why I ask basic questions what i don't know...

    I try to explain what I'm trying:
    Firstly I tried the following with dd-wrt but later I changed to tomato because of the QOS is suxx in dd-wrt, but this is the another story....

    So, I found built videodev.o and quickcam.o on the internet for 2.4.35 kernel.
    I try to insmod videodev.o -f
    and insmod quickcam.o -f
    After that I checked dmesg and it seems working properly:
    quickcam: QuickCam USB camera found (driver version QuickCam USB 0.6.6 $Date: 2006/11/04 08:38:14 $)
    quickcam: Kernel: bus:1 class:FF subclass:FF vendor:046D product:0870
    quickcam: Sensor VV6410 detected
    quickcam: Registered device: /dev/video0

    And after that I tried different methods to capture frame but I couldn't.
    I thought If I make videodev.o and quickcam.o module for 2.4.37 it could be work for me......
    The missing quickcam.c is the reason why I have no success?

  4. ray123

    ray123 LI Guru Member

    Since the modules load, and seem to be able to talk to your webcam, the versions you have are good with your kernel version.

    BTW, you should look at /var/log/messages, not dmesg. I suspect that you'll see some error messages there.

    This page has info. You have the latest version, which is dated 2006.

    You didn't say how you tried to capture frames. FWIW, most of the programs I tried on Ubuntu don't work very well. So you've got a problem even with the latest supported kernel on a real desktop system.

    The frustrating thing about webcams is just like when CD drives first came out-----every one has a different interface and has to have it's own custom driver. CD's are past that now, since they now all communicate with the same protocol.

    Now most new webcams use UVC, which is a standard. But Linux only has UVC drivers for 2.6.xx kernels.
  5. 3lackhawk

    3lackhawk Addicted to LI Member

    I tried capture frames with different programs but the result was same.
    ./vgrabberj -p
    Name: Logitech QuickCam USB
    type: 513
    Width: max 356 min 32
    Height: max 292 min 32
    probe size in
    VIDIOCSWIN reject width 640 height 480
    VIDIOCSWIN reject width 384 height 288
    Available Resolutions width 352 heigth 288
    Available Resolutions width 320 heigth 240
    Available Resolutions width 192 heigth 144
    Available Resolutions width 176 heigth 144
    Available Resolutions width 160 heigth 120

    After that a did:
    vgrabberj -c 0 -i 10 /tmp/image &

    A got the following message at /var/log/messages:
    Feb 17 22:54:08 WL500W user.notice kernel: quickcam: frame lost

    And no any jpeg image was created.

  6. 3lackhawk

    3lackhawk Addicted to LI Member

    I have no luck with webcams. I bought a GE111 which is supported by spca5xx driver but I install the spca5xx module after the webcam still unknow for the system:
    root@WL500W:/tmp/mnt/Transcend/share/www/ge111# lsmod
    Tainted: P
    spca5xx 649712 0 (unused)
    videodev35 8016 0 [spca5xx]
    usb-ohci 19252 0 (unused)
    usb-uhci 27164 0 (unused)
    ehci-hcd 28092 0 (unused)
    vfat 11692 0 (unused)
    fat 37272 0 [vfat]
    ext2 41832 0 (unused)
    ext3 72884 1
    jbd 54856 1 [ext3]
    usb-storage 35272 1
    sd_mod 13572 2
    scsi_mod 72776 2 [usb-storage sd_mod]
    usbcore 79008 1 [spca5xx usb-ohci usb-uhci ehci-hcd usb-storage]
    ip_nat_ftp 2992 0 (unused)
    ip_conntrack_ftp 4320 1
    ip_nat_rtsp 5696 0 (unused)
    ip_conntrack_rtsp 5400 1
    ip_nat_h323 2136 0 (unused)
    ip_conntrack_h323 2616 1
    tomato_ct 1168 0 (unused)
    wl 897168 0 (unused)
    et 28920 0 (unused)

    usb.c: USB device 2 (vend/prod 0x93a/0x2471) is not claimed by any active driver.
    Linux video capture interface: v1.00
    usb.c: registered new driver spca5xx
    drivers/usb/spca5xx.c: spca5xx driver 00.60.00 registered

    I checked the source of driver (spca5xx.c) and also I found ge111 in the list.
    {USB_DEVICE(0x093a, 0x2471)}, /* PAC207 Genius VideoCam ge111 */

    Why don't recognize my cam the spca5xx driver ??????
  7. xtacydima

    xtacydima LI Guru Member

    ray123, would the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema (HD Widescreen Cam) be an example of the UVC series of cams you are hoping to support in your update? If not, would a driver have to somehow be compiled manually for me to get something like this to work?

    Much Thanks
  8. kerbdog

    kerbdog LI Guru Member

    Dragging this thread up because we now have a working version of Tomato running a 2.6.18+ kernel :)

    Linux version (root@tomato) (gcc version 4.2.4) #2 Mon Apr 26 15:04:50 EDT 2010
    Any try yet to see if they could hack a webcam to work? I plan to grab a webcam and start playing around but its always good to start off with a little info :)
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