Tomato on Dual Band, two router Linksys E3000 setup...advice needed!

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    I'll try to summarize:

    Which is best Tomato for LinkSys E3000 Dual Band N router? I need:

    • VPN
    • ability to setup wireless bridge/access point (joining the two routers wirelessly on the 5ghz band so I can connect wired ethernet items via the second router in a remote location)
    • both 2.4 & 5ghz bands usable
    • anything better that the old DD-WRT build that I'm currently running that borks out on uPnP & port forwarding
    • guest login would be nice but not a deal breaker
    • Decent & easy to setup security (WPA2) and UI
    I'm leaning towards Shibby's newest release but I'm not sure if the RT or RT-N is best & which is the most appropriate build for my needs that can handle the above needs. Any thoughts or help if you see something wrong with my thought process would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance…hopefully this layout is easier to read.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> original message >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I'd love a bit of advice on my network setup. It needs some updating.

    I have cable Internet, I have 2 Linksys E3000 dual-band routers flashed with an old version of dd-wrt. This setup was an upgrade from the previous standard Linksys WRT54G also used in an unusual setup for 8+ years. Having said that, I love technology and enjoy working with it but I've become ill with a progressive, chronic degenerative condition, thinking about tech solutions doesn't come as easy as it did before. So I could use some advice & assistance and simply sort of "double checking" my thought processes.

    My primary router is connected to our cable modem/router via wired ethernet…however, since my cable modem is also a router and wasn't correctly setup in bridge mode by the cable company, I'm getting some double "NAT"ting issues going on that are causing lots of problems with some of the things plugged into the setup. I try to run anything I can wired to avoid extra interference with wireless. I connect the second E3000 router as a wireless bridged access point/repeater to expand the wireless area but more importantly to connect the second router wirelessly so I can connect wired home theater items in the bedroom to it. I connect these via the 5ghz spectrum for more speed/stability as there are no 5ghz setups nearby.

    So, I'm thinking of updating the firmware to one of the newer Tomato choices to help with the uPnP, QOS, and similar issues which have been a problem for awhile now. I'm hoping that it will make for a better base. Then, I obviously need to connect the two routers wirelessly via the 5ghz spectrum. I also need to connect the primary router to a VPN. The items I have connected are networked DVD player, htpc running a PLEX server and a PlayOn server with some shared files, a Roku box, and VOIP box as well. I need to figure out how to deal with the double nat issues and how that's messing things up. I'd love to set up a "guest network" so that when friends needed to use the Internet, I'd have a better choice than to give up our main password. Also, I will likely either try to get the setup info to try to setup the cable modem in bridge mode instead of gateway as well as considering purchasing a docsis 3.0 modem (Motorola Surfboard Extreme) vs the leased Netgear setup I have been leasing from the cable company.

    Now that you know both my current setup and what I need to change it to do, if you have any suggestions as to firmware type, tips, settings I need to tweak, even how-to's so that I can jog my memory about how to setup the wireless bridged access point, etc I'd appreciate it so much. Since I need VPN support and 5ghz usage, any info on which Tomato to use would really help. I'm leaning towards "Shibby's" latest firmware for the E3000 but again, I'd love to hear any thoughts or advice. Any direction on how to back up my current setup so that I could reflash to a working system, should things go wrong, that would be super helpful as well.

    Thanks so much in advance,
    PS If I've forgotten to include some pertinent information about my system, please let me know.
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