Tomato + OpenVPN + iPhone + mdns-repeater = ?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Telecomgeek, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Telecomgeek

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    I installed Shibby's "Tomato-E900-NVRAM64K-1.28.RT-N5x-MIPSR2-106-Max" on my new Linksys e900 with the hopes of being able to use OpenVPN on my iPhone to remotely print to my AirPrinter back at the house. I avoided release 107 and 108 because of the recent dnsmasq v2.66test16 issues. What I have learned since this install is that the official OpenVPN app (which doesn’t require rooting) for iOS devices only supports TUN interfaces. This means that my iPhone will be in a different subnet from the rest of the home devices, like my printer and the iTunes server, when I’m using the VPN. This becomes problematic as much of what Apple does depends on mDNS (multicast DNS). mDNS is local to your subnet and is not routed between subnets. OK, this is a problem but … hey great look at this nifty piece of software written for the DD-WRT routers called mdns-repeater.

    It can be found here:

    Alright, now I have a new way forward. I download the precompiled binary from:

    I setup up a “cifs1” share on the e900 to hold the “mdns-repeater” binary, for full disclosure it was already setup to hold tcpdump which I’ve been using to help look at this problem. I fire up mdns-repeater with “mdns-repeater tun21 br0” and … wait for it …. nothing.
    What I mean is, my AIrPrinter is not showing up on my iPhone when I’m VPN’ed back in to the e900. I’m not sure what I need to do next. Has anybody else run into this problem, or have some thoughts? Am I missing some IPTABLE rules?

    For double full disclosure: (1) I have tried both binaries from the bitbucket site. They both run and neither throws any errors, so I think the binary is working ok. (2) I’m not an mDNS guru, just a dangerous EE with tcpdump, so I’m not sure I’m seeing or not seeing what I should be. (3) I have tried the suggestions with triggered ports , IGMPproxy, and Udpxy from this post: but that stuff made no difference. (4) I read this post on mdns-repeater on the IPFIRE distro which made me think that my firewall rules need adjusted. Does tomato firewall between tun21 and br0? (5) Oh, yeah, if the official OpenVPN app supported TAP interfaces … I would use those and this would be a moot point as it should just work. (6) No, I CAN NOT root the iPhone. I need a scalable solution to support two iPhones, an iPad, possibly an iPod, oh and one Android tablet.

    How can I get the iOS devices to see and use the mDNS devices on the home network (AirPrinter and iTunes) over OpenVPN with Tomato?? Help!!!
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    My current thought is to abandon getting mDNS to work over the TUN interface. It may be an issue with the iPhone and the official OpenVPN software not pushing mDNS through the TUN interface on the iPhone side.

    I have started investigating using DNSMASQ to advertise DNS-SD (Wide Area Bonjour) to the iPhone. I'm still having issues. For reference here are some nifty sites:
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    I am quite curious about this myself, but right now dont have any real-world use for this. But i just ordered a Raspberry Pi and once i have that set up as a AirPlay "server" i will join you to get it to work over different subnets (for me primarily over OpenVPN).
  4. mpegmaster

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