Tomato QoS effecting xbox 360 streaming on LAN

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by MacTheKnife, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. MacTheKnife

    MacTheKnife Guest

    Alright so I'm testing out QoS on Tomato 1.23 on a WRT54GL 1.1.

    Loaded up bittorent and newsgroup downloads to max out my connection... flipped on QoS, configured it. Everything was working as it should, web browsing was unaffected, etc.

    Went to go stream a hi-def movie over the LAN from my main PC to my 360 and the playback was choppy and stuttering.

    Turned off QoS, no playback problems.

    Turned it back on, choppy again. <?>

    Scratching my head, as I was 99% QoS should only be effecting WAN traffic but I guess the overhead from running QoS must make the router too busy?

    I have a EZXS55W 5 port switch handy so I'm wondering if putting a 5-port switch in front of the router would theoretically make it easier on the router so its not handling the streaming traffic on top of trying to max it out?
  2. bripab007

    bripab007 Network Guru Member

    Well, my first thought, upon reading "Loaded up bittorent and newsgroup downloads to max out my connection," is that you're maxing out your little router's CPU or free memory with so many open connections, and it's unable to stream effectively...nothing to do with QOS.

    The other reason I think this is the case is because I'm running v1.23 with QOS and have no problems streaming to my 360 when friends are grabbing things from my FTP or when I have a torrent or two going.
  3. AaronCompNetSys

    AaronCompNetSys LI Guru Member

    Interesting, I have the "extra switch" setup, so load on my router doesn't affect [360]<->[streamingBox] bandwidth. I'm curious if it will work for you?
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