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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by stillsober, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. stillsober

    stillsober Reformed Router Member

    My Settings are in the download directory (usb drive connected to router),

    Does tomato/transmission delete torrents automatically in some cases? The .incomplete folder is still there with the partial downloaded files, but when I open the transmission GUI, all the torrents are gone.

    Has this happened to anyone? I have no idea how this happened
  2. shibby20

    shibby20 Network Guru Member

    maybe transmission-daemon started too early and HDD was not ready yet and tomato created settings file (and all torrents stats files) in RAM.
  3. stillsober

    stillsober Reformed Router Member

    ah so turning transmission on and off should fix?

    my hardrve doesnt autmount for some reason,the automount box is tivked already
  4. Mihai Olimpiu-Cristian

    Mihai Olimpiu-Cristian Networkin' Nut Member

    It happens every time, if you run transmission from the HDD (USB), it will ALWAYS create the settings anew in /opt/etc/transmission/ path...
    The solution is to manually run transmission daemon or if you use Shibby, let the firmware start the daemon, at the same time deleting the startup script in /opt/etc/init.d/Sxxtransmissionxxx (something like that).
    Also check your paths... a small error there could cause the same behaviour.

    opkg creates the startup script that causes this problem... so probably you are using a firmware that doesn't have it included (the daemon) and you are relying on the startup script to autostart it. Best firmware for transmission use is Shibby, hands down, but remove that pesky autostart!
    I think the startup script is recreated if you update the keep that in mind.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2014
  5. stillsober

    stillsober Reformed Router Member

    transmission binary path: internal(/usr/bin)

    Should it be the other path? the opt one?
  6. Mihai Olimpiu-Cristian

    Mihai Olimpiu-Cristian Networkin' Nut Member

    No, internal means you are using Shibby's included one in the firmware... :) It's correct... I assumed (wrong) you installed it because that happened to me in the situation I described.
    I don't know if what I said earlier (in the previous post) applies to you, I always install Transmission trough opkg :( as space is a premium on my router.
    If you use the internal daemon a simple reboot or restarting transmission should fix it provided your HDD is recognized properly.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2014
  7. stillsober

    stillsober Reformed Router Member

    Yes, it;s sorted, thanks! why is space a premium on your router? I assume we both have the same 64mb ram, 8mb flash?

    when you have transmission or whatever else over optware, does that mean you need to have a usb stick/drive connected at all times?
  8. Mihai Olimpiu-Cristian

    Mihai Olimpiu-Cristian Networkin' Nut Member

    Yes you are correct 64 Ram and 8 Flash.
    If you fallow and use Shibby's, you'll see that V116 is bigger compared to older versions even if he removed SNMP from almost all builds besides AIO.
    I used BIG-VPN, now I had to revert to NOCAT-VPN because it just doesn't fit in the flash anymore, that's why I choose to use OPKG for whatever I can.
    There is a big chance that in 1 or 2 versions down the road even that won't fit as programs get bigger and bigger.

    Regarding your question, Yes, if you use opkg/ipkg, the stick is needed to stay connected, otherwise it won't work. There is no harm done in removing it, it just doesn't work anymore (and some problems could arise from configuration conflicts, exactly what happened to you..., the path was not available so configuration files were created in RAM).
    Another advantage is that you can use swap and crash proof your rooter, as it's a very slim chance you run out of RAM now.
    For example I use 133MB for Swap (~200 RAM) and a 512 MB OPT partition, it's more than enough for my needs, coupled with a 768 GB Ext3 partition for transmission so it reads/writes at maximum speed, the rest to 1 TB is split into FAT32 and NTFS, this kind of configuration allows me to use the HDD in every device when I need to.
  9. stillsober

    stillsober Reformed Router Member

    What do you use to format your 1tb hard drive?esp. how do you create the swap partition, OPT and ext3 partition?

    If i tick HDD spindown, does that mean the HDD disk is not rotating when not in use (no wear)? as opposed to spinning 24 hours a day...
  10. Mihai Olimpiu-Cristian

    Mihai Olimpiu-Cristian Networkin' Nut Member

    There are dozens of tutorials, like this or this, just use whatever partition tool you like:
    Linux's Gparted, fdisk, even some tools in windows allow you to partition the HDD.
    If you are not comfortable with it leave it as it is... it's not worth the trouble if you won't use it...
    Anyway I think I used fdisk for opt and swap, the others I created with EaseUs Partition Master in windows.

    You need something like this in Scripts - > Init for the partitions to mount properly:
    # Mount SWAP, ENTWARE
    echo "#device Mountpoint FStype Options Dump Pass#" >> /etc/fstab
    echo "LABEL=SWAP none swap sw 0 0" >> /etc/fstab
    echo "LABEL=OPTWARE /opt ext3 rw,nodev,noatime 1 1" >> /etc/fstab
    For the sake of simplicity, if you use Shibby V116 wich includes Entware install script to all USB builds just run command
    , wait a few second and all is good...

    If not just try to google the steps for your Tomato mod or try this method.

    You will get confused about OPTWARE and ENTWARE, the main difference from my point of view is that one uses ipkg and one uses opkg, it's considered that ENTWARE is more advanced. I also prefer ENTWARE as it seems packages are more up to date, better configured?!, and works first time (it could differ if you install more packages), and with that script just installs so easy... I don't know more as I'm a novice myself....

    Also in scheduler schedule this to run on a weekly basis to keep your packages updated:
    opkg update
    opkg -V2 upgrade `opkg list_installed | sed 's/ - .*//'`
    After everything works properly I recommend you to install these packages:
    opkg install mc
    opkg install transmission
    opkg install htop
    There are other interesting packages but these are my first and primary recommendation.

    Oh, Yes, HDD Spindown does just that but I doubt it will ever be used if you use transmission... Don't worry, the wear and tear levels are minimal and HDD's are designed to be used for years...

    Hope this answers some questions for you and others, take it like a light tutorial from a novice's perspective, I'm not that advanced and don't want to be too technical, as it's more of a hit and miss for me also, I try, and try until it works....

    LATER EDIT: I've seen you have a BELKIN N600, I don't know exactly what model is that, SHIBBY v114+ on RT-N only works on model F7D4301&F7D8301 (maybe more), the models ending it 2 actually brick, so stick to RT only branch... I'm quite confused about what models work, but there is a thread here somewhere! Search for it!
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2014
  11. remlei

    remlei Networkin' Nut Member

    sometimes this happens with my friend's tomato firmware with transmission

    all what I done is execute "service transmission restart" when the external hdd is mounted. so it can read all the torrent data that is stored on that external hdd.
  12. stillsober

    stillsober Reformed Router Member

    do you exe that manually(where?) or do you put it in "run after mounting" box? i put it in the run after mounting box, doesnt seem to make transm work. rebooting router doesnt fix either. only turning off,then on aftet like 5 minutes will allow me to use transm again
  13. Mihai Olimpiu-Cristian

    Mihai Olimpiu-Cristian Networkin' Nut Member

    If it runs after 5 minutes then it's ok... The check alive service verifies that transmission is not running and it's auto starting it. Leave it like that because it's the best option... If you run transmission right after mounting sometimes you will get the same problem - Not all partitions will be mounted and the settings will be created in RAM etc... and you get the same problem that started this thread in the first place.

    I use the same setup with the check alive service set at 15 minutes.
    I tried to use something like this in run after mounting box, but it's not stable, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, maybe you should adjust the sleep variable, but I didn't tested it properly to give you a working script...

    # Adjust sleep Variable until it works properly ?!
    sleep 10
    # /EXT3/ is my transmission settings path
    /opt/bin/transmission-daemon -g /mnt/EXT3/.settings
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2014
  14. stillsober

    stillsober Reformed Router Member

    By turning off, I meant turning off the router for 5 minutes,

    will try your script, when i figure out where I put my settings, I think my drive's name is "my passport" (paraphrasing), does that mean my path will be something like /mnt/my passport/.settings ?? unless EXT3 is a folder in your drive(nont the drive's name)?

    i can just replace "/opt/bin/transmission-daemon -g" with "/int/bin/transmission-daemon -g" right?
  15. leandroong

    leandroong LI Guru Member

    1. label your "myPassport", using windows to name you prefer, like "myHD"
    2. setting location can be anywhere. I suggest that you place that on 2 common location, namely:
    2.1. /opt/etc/transmission. By dong this, transmission-daemon -g /opt/etc/transmission
    2.2. /opt/share/transmission/config. By dong this, transmission-daemon -g /opt/share/transmission/config
    3. kill transmission-daemon by issuing "killall -kill transmission-daemon"
    4. Edit settings.json
    5. Restart transmission daemon, by issuing transmission-daemon -g /opt/etc/transmission or other location
    6. done. You may access via GUI.
  16. Mihai Olimpiu-Cristian

    Mihai Olimpiu-Cristian Networkin' Nut Member

    Doesn't matter how it's called, it's just a path...
    You already have all the info in this thread, my job here is done.
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