Tomato vpn4 PPTP issues - does not work.

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by pw44, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. pw44

    pw44 Networkin' Nut Member

    i'm struggeling with a problem which i'm facing as a real challenge.
    My router hardware is a linksys wrt54gs-tm, and i installed tomato 1.27.
    After a while, i installed tomato 1.27 vpn4 mod.

    I do need pptp because i could not find an openvpn client for my symbian nokia.

    my linux box has 2 nics (eth0 and eth1) being eth1 the internal network and eth0 the external, connected my tomato linksys router (pppoe).

    After installing pptp on my linux box, i was able to use the pptp vpn with my nokia (symvpn) via wifi and with my windows xp box wired AND wifi. All works, no problems, no issues.

    The real problem is when trying to make the pptp vpn connection thru the tomato box.

    First, i "borrowed" my neighbors wifi signal and tried, from my nokia and also from my windows to make the pptp vpn connection. No luck, even after defining the iptables rules for forwarding, including the p 47.

    So i thought it could be some problem with the any of the ISP providers (mine or from my neighbor), and so i plugged my windows xp box to the tomato router. No luck. It seams that tomato drops or blocks something that i'm not being able to identify.

    Other services (http, ssh, etc) all works flawlessly on the internal network, extenal, from the internet, etc.....

    The ONLY exception is pptp, when used thru tomato.

    Is there someone who could give me a hint in how to make it work?

    THX in advance,

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