TomatoUSB DualWAN 1.28.0518 : Review

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by nastech, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. nastech

    nastech Networkin' Nut Member

    Hi... I got Asus RT-N16 router.

    Initially it was running DDWRT... but it is not that stable.. Switch to TomatoUSB for good. tried Vicktek mod. And finally falled in love with TomatoUSB DualWAN firmware.

    It is ashamed such a good firmware is kept closed source. But hard to admit it but this is the true love of Tomato firmware i ever tried. :wink:

    Download Link:

    If you want to try it... make sure you use Firmware 8M folder with MIPSR2 file

    And the router is in Chinese Language. So make sure you use Google Chrome Browser (Windows) or Chromium Browser (Linux) to auto translate it into English language.

    - Features of the DualWAN router :

    1) Client Daily Bandwidth Monitoring.

    2) Client Real-Time Bandwidth Usage

    3) Outbond WAN Allocation

    4) Smart QOS Management

    5) Bandwith Limiter per IP

    6) Application Restriction

    7) WAN load balancing Connection Check Up

    8) 3G USB Modem WAN Connection. + Inteligent Dual WAN Balancing Distribution
  2. CBR900

    CBR900 Network Guru Member

    If you have 2 dsl lines each with 20mbit/s...this firmware will add the speed and will get 40mbit/s?
  3. nastech

    nastech Networkin' Nut Member

    The total bandwith capacity will be 40mbit/s. But if you use to measure the bandwith it will only show 20mbit/s because it only test 1 DSL connection. But if you use torrent. It will maxed out both DSL connection 40mbit/s . You can balance the WAN load with a ratio, if you want to allocated one of the DSL connection with more load.
  4. CBR900

    CBR900 Network Guru Member

    wooww...that is very nice for those who can afford the price of 2 dsl lines
  5. CBR900

    CBR900 Network Guru Member

    Will the upload speed also doubled?
  6. nastech

    nastech Networkin' Nut Member

    yes the upload capacity also double. :)
  7. psychowood

    psychowood Network Guru Member

    And, do you really think it is safe to trust a closed source chinese firmware, especially these days?

    If I were in you, I'd add at least a TCP/IP connection monitor between the router and the modems itself ;)
  8. rilles

    rilles LI Guru Member

    Do you have a link where you found this? what are the limitations? can it fit into a WRTGL54 router?

    I have dual cable lines (cheaper then just one with cap surcharges) and use pfSense software firewall on a old PC I had laying around.

    pfSense is amazing for free, but still has not matured to the point it can do dual wan with QOS and wan "favoring" reliably yet.
  9. rilles

    rilles LI Guru Member

    found the message thread with links for this.
  10. nastech

    nastech Networkin' Nut Member

    Well my rt-n16 got strucked by lightning yesterday and my WAN port died. But all other LAN port is still working.

    I feel lucky... because with this firmware. I can use my LAN port as a WAN. Managed to connect back to my DSL modem. :)
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