TomatoVPN - connection is there, but no ping...

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by pcace, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. pcace

    pcace Networkin' Nut Member


    im using Tomato Version 1.27 with OpenVPN Mod. I can connect to the Server but im not able to ping clients and im not able to ping the server from VPN clients.

    Any idea whats wrong there? I added some Screenshots from the COnfiguration.
    Here is the Configuration of the Clients:

    client # vgl. ---> tls-client und pull
    remote 1193
    proto udp # Protokoll UDP, f√ɬºr TCP: proto tcp-client
    dev tap # evtl. tap0 unter Linux
    # Pfade ANPASSEN!
    ca /Users/hannes/Library/Application\ Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations/Keys2/ca.crt 
    cert /Users/hannes/Library/Application\ Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations/Keys2/hannes.crt 
    key /Users/hannes/Library/Application\ Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations/Keys2/hannes.key 
    ns-cert-type server
    resolv-retry infinite
    verb 3 #Debugging
    mute 50 # Debugging

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  2. SgtPepperKSU

    SgtPepperKSU Network Guru Member

    Do the server or client logs indicate anything?
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