TomatoVPN: openvpn does not work

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by dasBaum, May 25, 2009.

  1. dasBaum

    dasBaum Addicted to LI Member

    Hello everybody.
    I hope this is the right place to post this issue.

    A few months ago I fell in love with tomato! Thank you guys for sharing this great piece of software! While I was looking for some vpn solution I stumbled across TomatoVPN which looks/ed very promising. Well it seems that I am not able to get it running :(

    Got a Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 running 1.23vpn3.2. I've been able to start openvpn for exactly one time. Since then the log shows the following:
    The openvpn server seems not to be up though the GUI indicates it is running. But connection attempts time out and portscans show the port as closed.

    If you need additional information let me know. Please give me a hint on what to do to get that thing up and running :)

    Thank you!
  2. SgtPepperKSU

    SgtPepperKSU Network Guru Member

    Looks like it is running just fine. Maybe try a different port?
  3. Vezado

    Vezado LI Guru Member

    If you're using Extra HMAC authorization (tls-auth), this is expected. The packets from the port scan lack the shared key and are dropped.
  4. dasBaum

    dasBaum Addicted to LI Member

    Oh you were right. I am sorry! It was because of the dynDNS entry didn't match the ip. :(

    Now the connection works perfectly. What do I need to do to be able to resolve f.e. over the VPN tunnel? Or is that not yet possible?

    Thank you!

    Edit: Hmm seems to work. But I need to wait about 3 minutes after establishing the tunnel to get DNS working.
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