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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by CypherBit, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. CypherBit

    CypherBit Network Guru Member

    Here's my problem, my wireless signal isn't strong enough, it can't reach the PC upstairs (I tried adjusting the power, but still it's out of reach). Buying antenas is out of the question, as is dragging any cables from one router to the one upstairs.

    I have two WRT54GL running the newest TomatoVPN 1.25vpn3.4 release (VPN currently isn't used, but will be in the future). So I thought I'd give WDS a try (my first try ever I should add).

    WRT54GL number 1 which is downstairs uses PPPoE to connect to the internet and is configured as WDS+AP, DHCP, these are the settings:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    WRT54GL number 2 upstairs has these settings:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is how it looks right now:
    --internet---modem---WRT54GL_1 ~ ~ ~ WRT54GL_2 ~ ~ ~ PC_upstairs

    If I go downstairs I can connect, but am unable to do so upstairs. Do I even have the right idea as to how WDS should work. I thought WRT54GL_2 would get all the settings from WRT54GL_1 and PC_upstairs would be able to connect to WRT54GL_2 if it can't "find" WRT54GL_1.

    Please let me know I should change, how I should troubleshoot this issue.
  2. gawd0wns

    gawd0wns Network Guru Member

    The first thing I would try is boost the transmit power on both routers in Advanced --> wireless, do not enter a number greater than 70 (42 is default).

    I would recommend you set one encryption type: AES only. Also, try assigning an ip address within the main router's DHCP range (.100-150). You have the right idea of how the setup should work.
  3. CypherBit

    CypherBit Network Guru Member

    gawd0wns: thank you, I'll test with the suggested settings as soon as I get a chance (I temporarily had to take one to a different location).

    Transmit power isn't the problem, WRT54GL_1 easily reaches WRT54GL_2. What kind of a difference would assigning an IP within the main router's DHCP range make?

    Is there anything in the logs that I can change, any troubleshooting that I can perform?
  4. pieddu

    pieddu Addicted to LI Member

    this make difference for me.... :thumbup:
  5. CypherBit

    CypherBit Network Guru Member

    Thank you so much!

    Set one encryption type only as suggested and it works without problems.
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