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  1. westypimp

    westypimp Network Guru Member

    Okay, I'm sure that there have been numerous posts containing very similar questions as to the one I'm about to ask you all. I've spent about 30 mins going through all the forums and I haven't found a legitimate answer yet though..
    I'm running a v2.2 WRT54g, and I just flashed the most RECENT firmware from the official linksys website.
    Okay, now I've decided that I want to instead flash the DD-WRT. I downloaded the v22r2 .zip.. I have it extracted and I'm at the upload source prompt in my linksys admin utility.

    Now, lets not forget that I have the LATEST firmware from linkysys installed on my wrt54g router.. I think it's version 4.20 or something simliar, i just installed it last night so it's for sure the latest..
    DO i need to downgrade firmware to be able to flash DD-WRT?? Or at at this point can I just go ahead and flash the DD-WRT.. the only reason why I'm so sketchy about doing it is becuase it's not my router and I really am not intersted in breaking it and having to go buy my roomate a new one..
    I'd really aprreciate it if someone could break down the steps i need to take before i flash my router with the dd-wrt..
    THANKs =) -ryan
  2. westypimp

    westypimp Network Guru Member

    damn guyz

    you answer my poll but not my post?? *CRIES*
  3. templ

    templ Network Guru Member

    you parcticly could not brake it. But is sometimes bit hard for a newbe to fixit.

    And YES, you can flash 22b2 but wait for v23 to be final.
  4. westypimp

    westypimp Network Guru Member

    okay cool thx bro.. im gonna flash v22 r2 right now just for shits n giggles.. ill flash v23 finall when it's done i guess
  5. westypimp

    westypimp Network Guru Member


    i just flashed it and it seems to be working fine... i boostd the signal from 50 to 75 and i don't really see any difference in overall connection performance..maybe it takes awhile for it to saturate or something..i was going to turn afterburner on and some other features but i leave the router on all the time and i dont want the gd thing overheating and starting a house fire.. lol
    anyone know if 75 is too high for the router and may cause it to overheat?
  6. pasys

    pasys Network Guru Member

    you can break it...........if you flash , but it depends. Aferburner won't work for WRT54G...Sorry...75 its kinda high and it depends on your routers workload..but i have seen people going higher
  7. westypimp

    westypimp Network Guru Member

    LOL i just changed it form 75 to 150, HAHAH
    its crazy how big of a boost you see right away, it went from 25 dbi's to 30 in a matter of seconds, thats so sick
  8. Mkundra

    Mkundra Guest

    wrt V22 R2

    Yesterday i installed shot my router. I had to buy new router.

    Which version is safe version . Is it V22R2?

    All i want to increase the coverage by updating firmware. Any advice? Don't want to make it very complicated.
  9. habskilla

    habskilla Network Guru Member

    Re: wrt V22 R2

    Send that POS router over my way. I have graveyard out back for it. I'll PM you the address.
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