traffic report on internet usage of every internal machines.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by yves, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. yves

    yves Network Guru Member

    I dont know if this this is the rigth place for my question, but I'm would like to know if it is possible when using a WRT54GL (hyperWRT Thibor 15c) to have reporing on bandwith and amount of data sent/recieved by every internal client based on IP or mac that is using the internet, internal is less important as this does not costs 1 euro/GigaB
    I'm using my WRT54G in a community of 10 users, some of them connected wireless 2 miles away via WAP54G with mustdie-firmware and stelladoradus grid-antennas 19dbi. I see sometimes dowloads of 5Gb at a
    period of 24 hours (information given by my ISP), but when I questionning my users, it is always nobody :). I'm sure there
    is no break in of others on my lan wireless, it is well protected by WPA.
    I am running lookk@lan continuously so I can detect new IP machines on my lan. Anyhow knows how I can get reports on internet usage (upload/download) of every user (PC) ? I allready filtered gnutella based traffic, but this does not seems to work :)

    Thx and succes with this helpfull forum,

  2. yves

    yves Network Guru Member

    anyone knows what soft I should use to do this, can I implement something in the router ?
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