Transmission Issue - Wireless Ethernet Bridge Mode.

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by bodnid, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. bodnid

    bodnid Network Newbie Member

    Transmission Issue - Wireless Ethernet Bridge Mode.

    Hi all,

    The built-in BitTorrent Client is not working, and I believe it’s because my internet is being supplied via Wireless Ethernet Bridge (connecting to mobile phone hotspot).

    Strange thing is, my laptops torrent client will work when either connected to my router or mobile hotspot directly.

    So it appears that Transmission is not being feed a net connection.

    Does anyone know how to remedy this?
  2. AndreDVJ

    AndreDVJ LI Guru Member

    No idea. Could be too many things. The first thing that comes to my mind is that transmission binds to default gateway (, and your router itself isn't reaching the actual gateway, which is the hotspot. What does route -n say?
  3. mvsgeek

    mvsgeek LI Guru Member

    My memories of dabbling in Wireless Ethernet Bridge Mode are that the "Wireless" part only applies to the connection ("bridge") between the router and the internet source. In this mode, the router does not provide wireless access to any other devices, they must be connected to it via ethernet cable.

    Disclaimer : this was several years ago using Toastman's build on Asus RT-N66U routers at both ends of the "bridge".
  4. Frequenzy

    Frequenzy Addicted to LI Member

    i can't remember correctly but this has been discussed wayback, built-in transmission won't work if the connection is not on the tomato directly.
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