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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by mcw, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. mcw

    mcw Network Guru Member

    1. If i had to install hyperWRT v1.4 and increase the transmission power to 45, would d router keep this setting after a power failure? If not, is there anything i can do to make this change permanent?

    2. If i increase the transmission power.... will it make things better when using a weak wireless pcmcia card? Would the laptop have problems transmitting data since the pcmcia card is weak or will the increase in power from the router make things better?

    3. What devices should i consider attaching to boost the signal further? (indoor use only but various concrete walls!)

    4. Does anyone know if intel centrino notebooks are compatible with this router?
  2. jrhgg69

    jrhgg69 Guest

    No problem at 56mW since 6 months...

    28 ---> 56 +3 DB : better signal...
  3. mcw

    mcw Network Guru Member

    thanks a lot for your swift reply. would appreciate if u or anyone else could answer my specific questions (particularly 1 & 2) :)
  4. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    1. It should.

    I haven't had any power failures, but I do unplug my router to take it to friends to test out their domiciles before they buy a wireless router, and it appears to keep all the settings (I usually then reset to defaults for the test). In any case, you can always save the configuration to a file on the hard drive and restore from it when necessary.

    2. It should help, but what did you mean by "weak"? Stronger signal strength usually goes hand-in-hand with better range, but too strong a boost may generate more noise and degrade signal quality, thereby diminishing any performance gained from a stronger signal. Your using 45mW is fine. I kept my v1.3 at its default of 42mW and I get a very good signal at 30 feet and a couple of brick walls.

    3. You could consider the following:
    a) Change to higher gain and/or directional antennas - the default is 2.2dBi.
    b) Add a WAP54G and configure it as a repeater.
    c) Switch to Satori firmware and use its WDS function with another WRT54G.
    d) WRE54G Range Expander (although reviews are not favourable).
    e) Cable WRT54G+WRT54G or WRT54G+WAP54G together.

    I suggest (e) if the concrete walls you have to deal with are of the steel reinforced kind.

    More info about router settings to help with poor signals can be found here.

    Sometimes, relocating your router to a more strategically advantageous location helps, e.g., better direct line of sight offering less obstacles to penetrate, above instead of underneath a desk, etc.

    4. Yes. Centrino packaged notebooks (both 802.11b and 802.11b/g) works fine with most routers. Both the Centrino packages and WRT54G carry the Wi-Fi Certification so one can expect full compatibility, within the confines of the standards they support.
  5. Smoky

    Smoky Network Guru Member

    any thing you set over 84 will go back to 84 if power goes out and only way to set higher then 84 is the batbox add-on so you can telnet your wat in to it to incease the power been runing at 125mW with a 15 dBi omni antenna for over 7 months and thins still runing cool here
  6. mylink

    mylink Network Guru Member

    I guess the guy's question is: yes, router is now more powerful with power boost; but what if the adator is not able to match, meaning it can't send signal back over the same range.
  7. adisor19

    adisor19 Network Guru Member

    Hi :)

    I'm thinking of doing the EXACT same thing as you. Can you give me a few details about your detup ?

    Did you install your 15db ouside ? How far approximatly can you pick up accespoints ? and was it a really big improovement over the standard setup ?

    Thank you in advance,

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