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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by miox_24, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. miox_24

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    i have been using DDWRT for some time now and i have tried using tomato 1.28xx by victeck, it seems like DDWRT by eko has more transmit power than tomato victeck mod, im using INSIDER to monitor the transmit power of both firmwares, id realy like to use victeck's tomato but i cant adjust its transmit power to match the ddwrt, can somebody tell me which coutry/region in tomato mod has the most transmit power? thanks
  2. Azuse

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    Eh? Linksys default is something like 28mw (setting 0 in the raf mods adjusts it to this), tomatos default is 42mw and ddwrt is something in the seventies. Be aware that anything above the hardware default will add noise along with increased power.

    Tomato, allows you to adjust between 0-251mw however the rat 1.28.85255 build I'm looking at says 0-400mw. Not sure if it's a typo but I always thought anything about 84mw damaged the hardware.
  3. Toastman

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    There's a lot of stuff about this that may be of interest to you. here are some links, there are more in the threads to follow. US settings are generally a good bet, but you have to do your own experiments. Japan is one of the most restricted. Non - ND versions of Tomato more closely followed DD-WRT.

    Teddy Bear's software allows 0-400 because that is for some reason now part of the wireless driver's setup. No doubt that will become clear in due course as we learn more. The 2nd link above will show you what the power levels on the RT-N16 actually do in practice. In my experiments, around 60 was clearly the maximum. Other people have not found the same, though.
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