Trouble setting up a WAG354G

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by KoR_Wraith, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. KoR_Wraith

    KoR_Wraith Network Guru Member

    OK, I tried the router with the bios it came with, and entered my details as followed:

    Encapsulation = pppoa
    Multi = VC
    Qos = UBR
    Auto detect = disabled
    VPI = 0
    VCI = 38

    Login: ISP Login
    Password: ISP Password

    Keep alive selected

    This didn't work, no internet things worked, and the Internet LED on the router was red. So I upgraded to latest version of firmware, same thing. My settings work fine on my netgear DG814, with the only real difference I can see is that Qos does not appear on netgear setup, and my IP is pre-filled in, as I have a static IP.

    I thought the static IP thing might be the reason why the linksys one wasn't working. So I selected RFC 1483 Bridged, as instructed in the manual and entered my static ip. But then it says I must enter a subnet mask, default gateway, primary dns, and secondary dns. I did have any of these things filled in on my netgear router.

    I'm just wondering if I'm doing anything wrong and if anyone can help?
  2. OohAhh

    OohAhh Network Guru Member

    This should all be OK.

    Where did you fill in your static IP? The only IP you can give in PPPoA mode is the address of the router on your LAN, it's the one labelled "Router IP". If you've set this to your static internet address it isn't surprising it won't work. The router will most likely reject the address for the PPP connection as it is already assigned to it's LAN interface. This would block the router from logging in. If you're using DHCP on your computers then just leave it at the default value of and netmask

    This is most likely just a worked example. It certainly isn't an instruction.
  3. KoR_Wraith

    KoR_Wraith Network Guru Member

    Hi, sorry, this problem has been fixed. Not sure what I did different, but I just went through all the settings a couple more times and then it started working.
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