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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by cyberbroadband, Dec 15, 2006.

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    We're a small wireless ISP that is trying to move away from a fully bridged network and move towards a routed network. We have two DSL lines which are 3000/384 at our main NOC and we're using an rv082 router to load balance. Each DSL line has a block of 8 ip addresses and across our network, we have another tower where we're using one of the other ip addresses (from each DSL line) to run another rv082 router.

    Here at my house, I've had a BEFVP41 router for quite sometime and I am using the vpn capability of it too.

    The main rv082 (which has most of our customers....about 60 of them) operates on 192.168.1.x

    The second rv082 only has about ten customers and operates at 192.168.2.x

    Here at my house, my befvp41 router is 192.168.10.x

    I can establish a tunnel to both 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x here without any problem.

    I can *not* establish redundant tunnels between all the sites because as soon as I do the vpn will not stay up.

    Is this some vpn rule I don't understand?

    The main goal i'd like to accomplish is for our administrative staff (also wireless on 192.168.1.x) to be able to see our tower at Currently they can't.

    From my house, I can see all the towers, from,,,, and

    I can also see the 2nd vpn tunnel and it's tower (and customers) at

    I'd like eventually to move each segment of the network to it's own router - but I'd like to get vpn tunnels established between all of us for administrative purposes first.

    On top of that - if I can restrict the vpn tunnel to only certain ip addresses that would work too (for example, our admin is at

    Can anyone explain why making a tunnel between 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x as well as 192.168.10.x blows up but if i only enable the 192.168.1.x tunnel to 192.168.10.x and the 192.168.2.x to 192.168.10.x we're golden?

    Much appreciated.....

    -cyber broadband
  2. cyberbroadband

    cyberbroadband LI Guru Member

    owwie....completely stumped? :(
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