Trouble with WMP54G 4.1 drivers

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by barf0r, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. barf0r

    barf0r Guest

    Hi, I have a WMP54G v4.1 and a WRT54GL router flashed with DD-WRT v23 SP2.

    I'm using win xp pro (32 bit).

    Since the beginning I'd been using the drivers which came on the cd with my network card but sometimes the connection would drop which was a bit annoying if I was downloading so I decided to get the latest drivers.

    I went to the Ralink website and downloaded the latest drivers for the RT61:
    RT61: but I'm having real problems now.

    For a start I couldn't work out how to install the drivers properly for the RT61 as there are so many options available. I've done at least 6 different ones from the list but some wouldn't work at all or if they did everything would be really slow and the connection would keep dropping - totally unusable.

    So I've uninstalled all and have gone back to the drivers from the cd that came with the card but even that doesn't seem to have solved my problems.
    I'm getting slightly better speeds (although no where near what I had been getting previously) and the connection drops less often.

    Is there anything I can do to solve this? Even if it is a reformat I'd do it I'm so frustrated right now.
    Also, what is the proper procedure for installing the Ralink drivers?
    Is this a common problem if you keep reinstalling drivers for a piece of hardware?

  2. nicolos

    nicolos LI Guru Member

    Try to install the Ralink 1.2.0 driver, follow this link

    Also, check this thread

    The installation procedure for the Ralink driver is a bit tricky, maybe some steps are not exactly accurate, due to translation, but this is how I remember having installed it :

    1) Uninstall all piece of Cisco/Linksys software. Also, remove any rt61.* remaining drivers in c:\windows\system32, this is the old 1.0.3 version, so that W$ won't try to reload it at boot time.
    2) Reboot the computer. At boot, W$ will complain that it cannot load the driver for the wmp54g card, simply click cancel for now.
    3) Download the Ralink exe software, and Install it. Use the default options when asked to choose for.
    4) Your WMP54g card will not yet be recognized and driver not yet loaded, but that's normal, as the WMP54g is not listed among the possible cards for the rt61 driver.
    5) Now the most tricky part: you must set the Raling rt61 driver "manually" in W$, for the WMP54g card. Go to the control panel, "System" icon, "Hardware" tab, and open the device manager. You should see the WMP54g card, with a yellow triangle above. Right click on it, and select "Properties". Go to the "Driver" tab. Select "Update Driver".
    6) In the update driver Wizard, choose "Select from a list", and then, "do not search, I will choose by myself". Then, button "Disk", and browse to the directory where the Ralink rt61 driver is installed: by default, c:\program files\ralink\...
    7) You should see a list of manufacturers on the left pane, and a list of cards on the right pane. Choose manufacturer="Ralink Technologies", and card="WIreless PCI adapter Version"
    8) The new rt61 driver should be loaded, check it again in the driver tab of the wmp54g, in the device manager.
    9) Reboot. The new driver should be automatically loaded (check again the driver tab, the driver version must be
    10) To configure the Wifi parameters (SSID, ...) use the little tray icon with a "R", It opens the Ralink configuration panel, with several tabs, much easier to use than the Linksys one. It also contains software to set up your card as an access point !

    Hope this helps ... :)
  3. Mastec

    Mastec Network Guru Member

    Make sure you dont have Windows WZC and the Linksys wireless utility running at the same time. I had the same issues as you last year. I was told the WMP54G card was bad so I sent it in for an RMA replacement. New one was delivered, same thing. No one in tech support could figure out what was wrong. I even tried the Ralink drivers, made it worse. One day I was messing around and I disabled WZC, loaded the Linksys wireless drivers. Checked WZC again and it was enabled for some reason. Disabled it and its had a steady connection for 9 months now.
  4. Beefy

    Beefy LI Guru Member

    Hello all! (Particularly nicolos..... you seem like the resident RT61 guru, even with only 3 posts! :) )

    I've recently bought a Linksys WMP54G v4.1, and it is humming along quite nicely with the most recent Linksys drivers (equivalent to version 1.0.3 of the Ralink drivers) on WinXP SP2. However, I did something a little different on the install - instead of using the setup program which installs the Linksys software, I did a driver-only install through the device manager, and am using the Windows WZC service to connect to my AP.

    Normally I wouldn't bother updating drivers when something is working well (especially wireless, because I've had BAD luck with other adaptors in the past and the stability I currently have is BLISS), but one little issue is haunting me..... the fact that the card has SERIOUS problems connecting when the SSID of my network is hidden, but is perfectly OK when the SSID is broadcast. Reading through the release notes for the most recent driver release ( Release Note RT6X_STA_122206.pdf), it seems like that issue was fixed in the 1.1.1 driver and further enhanced in 1.1.2.

    So I'm tempted to try updating to the 1.2.0 drivers to be able to hide my SSID again and still connect reliably. My network is already locked down pretty tight with WPA security, MAC filtering, non-default IP range etc.... but would prefer the extra layer of protection of hiding the SSID. Trouble is, I also want to stick with Windows WZC rather than install any new memory-resident software.

    So after all that rambling, here is my question...... is it possible to extract just the drivers from the RT61 install package without installing the software? Can I update to these drivers manually through the device manager and expect it to work OK with this method?

    Many thanks in advance for your time! :)

  5. nicolos

    nicolos LI Guru Member

    Hi all
    Just have been playing around a little bit with this RT61 board, as it started to drive me mad at the beginning :eek:
    Concerning the Ralink driver, I think (but I've not tested the last 1.2.2 Ralink driver + WZC) it is possible to just upgrade the driver and not keep the Ralink management software (although I think it is better than WZC, as it allows many more trims of the board).
    For this, you will need to
    • first install the complete Ralink package
    • Upgrade the current driver using WIn standard driver upgrade procedure. The Ralink software installs by default in C:\Program Files\Ralink. You find the driver files in its subdirectories.
    • Uninstall then the Ralink Software. The new driver will however remain, as it is copied to a Win location (C:\Windows\System32)

    Hope this helps ! :)
  6. Beefy

    Beefy LI Guru Member

    Cheers nicolos, your prompt reply is VERY much appreciated! :)

    I suspected that is what needed to be done, so will give it a crack tonight.

    But what I might try to do is run the downloaded file, and check all my temp file directories before I actually let it install anything. Hopefully it dumps the driver and .ini file somewhere before it goes through the full install process, saving the install/uninstall process.

    Any other thoughts from all and sundry are still welcome though......

  7. nicolos

    nicolos LI Guru Member

    I'm not sure whether the .exe Ralink package is or is not a zipped package, as I went to the whole installation procedure.

    However, the package installs and uninstalls cleanly in WIndows, so you have little risk in installing it. After it is installed, you can keep a copy of the driver directory only, so that you can reuse it directly in case of future Win re-installation.
  8. Beefy

    Beefy LI Guru Member

    Hi again nicolos,

    I've tried installing it on the Windows install on my old hard drive, and it seems to work OK. I get a message telling me that it can't be checked whether the driver is suited for my hardware - presumably because the Linksys WMP54G isn't listed in the .inf file.

    Give windows a gentle nudge, and it does install though.

    So I'll just copy the driver directory onto my USB drive, fire up the new Windows install, and see how I go. Worst case scenario, I roll back the drivers.

    It does seem like a round-about way to get it working, and I do trust you that the software installs/uninstalls cleanly, but this is a fresh Windows install and I *really* want to keep it that way if I can.

    Thanks again for the help - I genuinely appreciate it! :)
  9. Beefy

    Beefy LI Guru Member

    Well, the operation was a success. The 1.2.0 drivers were successfully installed as verified by the device manager, and I can now connect reliably to my AP with the SSID hidden, and I didn't have to install any other software. Hooray! :biggrin:

    I almost went to the trouble of modifying the .inf file to natively recognise the WMP54G, but it just wasn't worth it in the end, and it wouldn't even help next time I tried to update the driver.

    So all-in-all a good outcome. Cheers to nicolos for the help, and I hope this thread helps others in the future too.

  10. mrdummy

    mrdummy LI Guru Member

    I have also tried to install driver. But what i saw, it's not easy.
    Windows XP don't choose one of the driver immediately with choosen INF.
    I must select with hand "Ralink Wireless PCI Card V2" (with version 2!, not normal, that is same as RT2500)
    And yes, install first Ralink install package, then choose manually from Ralink directory installed in Program Files. Click on RT61.inf file. There are so many models to choose! Some works, some don't work. I choose V2 card, that seems work good.

    So far you can see, automatic install driver is not possible. I used, the latest on Ralink.
  11. Beefy

    Beefy LI Guru Member

    Hi mrdummy,

    Yes, that all sounds about right.

    Windows specifically looks for the PCI vendor ID in the driver to match to your exact hardware model. But essentially you can pick any of the drivers for any of the cards that use the RT61 chipset, tell Windows you don't care if the driver isn't an exact match, and it will work fine.

    It really is just a shame that Linksys don't keep their drivers updated. It would make it MUCH easier on everybody!

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