Troubleshoot wet54gs5 and wrt54GSv2? Help!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fegg, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. fegg

    fegg Network Guru Member

    For about 4 months, these two units worked beautifully. I needed to network my basement to the computers up a floor. There's not much distance, but the central A/C and some walls are in the way. But after experimenting with some linksys 802.11b equipment, these two G units (plus a directional antenna on the WET) got me near 100% signal strength. I was a happy camper. :)

    And then, one day, reception on the WET just dropped. It would struggle to connect, seeing my WRT in the site-scan but at only 50% strength and failing to negotiate the WAP security. The Connect indicator would light, and 2 sec later it would go out.

    On the WET, the error I get in the Security Log is
    * In WPA-PSK mode
    * Set Information Element
    * Couldn't Find Authenticator SSID: my_ssid (repeat 5X)
    even though my SSID appears on the Site Survey, and the Bridge was connecting fine only a few minutes ago.

    I'm now trying HyperWRT 2.0 on the WRT, boosting the signal output, but I'm frustrated with the lack of better diagnostics on the WET54gs5, especially considering how much it costs.

    What could have happened? :cry: How can I tweak or diagnose which unit is failing, or else if there's something else like Winter cold dry air that's causing the problem?
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