True? Current WRT54GS firmware can't see WRE54G?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dgrrr, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. dgrrr

    dgrrr Network Guru Member

    Can the following problem be real?

    First, I already know that the WRE54G Range Expander is fabled to work (so I hope, someday) with the OLDER "2.07.1" version of the firmware for the "WRT54GS" wireless router with speedbooster.

    I can't be sure yet -- because the current COPY of the 2.07.1 bin file on the ftp site didn't work for me, even tho I was walked thru by a tech and I downloaded and extracted it three times! and all 3 copies failed to upgrade the router firmware. AND, since I am downgrading from 3.37.x, I tried some in-between versions (between 2.07.1 and the current version, 3.37.x), and THOSE downgrades/version files worked FINE! So llike I said, the file may be bad.

    WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS THIS -- Is it true that NONE of the currently sold WRT54GS routers-with-speedbooster WITH firmware v3.37.x will allow you to config the range expander? In all cases, or just some? Two subsequent techs gave opposite answers to that question.

    BTW, Linksys is supposed to "email" me a good copy of the 2.07.1 bin file. Whether it's the same file on the ftp site and is bad, or it's the same file but it's fine, and there's just something ELSE wrong with my system, remains to be seen. I just wish the tech people didn't have those friggin voice-activated phones that cut off the first syllable of EVERY statement! I"ve never had to ask someone to repeat herself SO many times in my life! ANd yeah, sure you got my email address right! LOL!
  2. mporterscott

    mporterscott Guest

    I too purchased the WRE54G to overcome some weak signal areas in my house. I had to spend a few hours on the phone with LINKSYS tech support. They were helpful, but I did have to dumb-down my firmware to get it to work. More recently I read an article in PC Magazine (March 22, 2005/pg.76) about 'Turbocharge Your Linksys Access Point' which guides you through upgrading you firmware with the Satori Sveasoft software which allows you to control the power output of you WRT54G?

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