True Routing and Firewall with Linksys?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Havokc, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Havokc

    Havokc Guest

    I am hoping that someone here can help.

    I currently have a linksys BEFSR41 and I have had few problem with the router. To say I am impressed is an unterstatement.
    Now what has happened is that I would like to move the firewall from the individual machines to one single point of entry (the router) and
    I would like to use my domain properly by allowing sub-domain access to each machine for remote desktop admin etc.

    So if I try to access and then I would be able to hit PC1 with the first entry and PC2 with the later.
    First of all are there any linksys routers that have true firewall and rounting capabilities? Second I've read about certain wireless linksys routers
    that have 3rd party firmware, do any of these fit my requirements?

    I do not want to spend a fortune on this and my only other option is to use a PC as a router, however I like the foot print of the router appliance, and the
    power savings over a full PC are a decided advantage.

    -Rob L
  2. Jarhead1899

    Jarhead1899 Network Guru Member


    From a security perspective I would keep you software firewalls intact, albiet is more difficult to trouble shoot active directory/domain problems.

    The firewalls on the WRT54G series passess the port snooping applications very well.
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