Trying to connect... Vista is asking for a "Logon Domain"?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dlgobeavs, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. dlgobeavs

    dlgobeavs Guest

    I have a relatively new Linksys router installed. I am able to connect no problem with my laptop running XP. However, we recently got a new Dell running Vista, and when I go to "Enter Credentials" while creating a network profile, it asks me for three pieces of information. 1. Username 2. Password 3. Logon Domain. I have 1 and 2, but have no idea where to find my Logon Domain.

    Can anyone give me any advice??
  2. Stu22

    Stu22 Network Guru Member

    Does it say anything about a dial-up connection? I know XP used to do that to me until I disabled the 56k network card. It was weird. Go to the network connection settings and disable the dial-up connection (if you have one). If you don't, I'm not sure what's going on haha.
  3. Marklar

    Marklar Addicted to LI Member

    Anyone know the answer to this? I work in tech support for a small ISP and have seen this problem twice this week. I've even remote logged into the customers router and verified it was setup as only a simple 64bit WEP key yet vista kept asking for a username, password, and logon domain.

    All cases seem to involve both Windows Vista and Linksys. I'm leaning towards a Vista issue. I did everything I could with the customer such as deleting all wireless profiles in Vista and resetting router to factory defaults. Ended having to tell her to run the router without any encryption.
  4. Marklar

    Marklar Addicted to LI Member

    Make that 3 people now...
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