trying to get airport express work with wds with wpa encription

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by timmy33, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. timmy33

    timmy33 LI Guru Member

    HI There
    Hopefully i have posted this in the correct place
    I am trying to get my airport express to work under wds (so i can use the ethernet) with wpa encription.
    I have a linksys wrt54gs v1.0
    I have tried tomato firmware - now using dd-wrt v24
    i have tried wep128 encription - this works
    I have tries both aes and tkip encription - still no luck
    I have followed many diffrent instructions on the web - still no luck

    when i start the router and AE after configuration i get THIS IN MY SYSLOG
    2008/06/13 20:09:03.95 <133>jan 1 00:00:15 lounge dot11: wds established with station 00:0f:66:c5:XX:XX.
    2008/06/13 20:09:04.36 <133>jan 1 00:00:16 lounge dot11: deauthorizing station 00:0f:66:c5:XX:XX [2]
    2008/06/13 20:09:44.09 <133>jan 1 00:00:55 lounge dot11: deauthenticated with station 00:0f:66:c5:XX:XX (4-way timeout).
    2008/06/13 20:10:43.09 <133>jan 1 00:01:54 lounge dot11: deauthenticated with station 00:0f:66:c5:XX:XX (4-way timeout).

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