Trying to get software to work with my WAG54G

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by MattAhern, Nov 26, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    I have recently bought some softwarwe to help build my website but my Linksys needs to be configured in order for it to work.

    Please can anyone offer guidence, as I am not sure what I am doing wrong. All I get is a blank screen!

    I have pasted the installation guidlines below ( there not too long)

    Any help would be appreciated

    Keyword Dominator Instructions

    Keyword Dominator is a web-based tool that requires a PHP capable web server to run.

    For intellectual property rights purposes, we have limited the IP addresses which the program can run to localhost,, or

    To Use Uniform Server (Windows Required):
    We have included our modified version of Uniform Server 3.2 which takes only seconds to get up and running. See the video tutorial for clear and easy step-by-step instructions. If you’d prefer, here are the written instructions

    1. Download and extract the file. This will extract to a folder named My_UniServer3_2. You may put this anywhere on your PC.
    2. Open the folder My_UniServer3_2 and double-click ‘start.bat’.
    3. Point your browser to: http://localhost/kd/
    4. On the first run you will need to enter your product key when prompted.

    That’s it!

    If you already have a PHP enabled web server that you can access as localhost,, or (for LAN access); simply download and extract the zipped Keyword Dominator folder (named ‘’) and drop it into your website directory and point your web browser to the Keyword Dominator folder (default folder name: kd). On the first run you will need to enter your product key when prompted.

    Naughty Word Filter

    The naughty word filter is located in the file called Open the file in a text editor and CAREFULLY edit the list making sure to surround each word with quotes (not curly quotes) and separate each naughty word with a comma. Be careful not to disturb the rest of the code.

    thanks Matt
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