Trying to go Wireless: WUSB11 Vers: 1.0

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by desde760, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. desde760

    desde760 Guest

    Ok guys... I am no pro and I would like to go wireless here at home.

    So far I have a tried and failed... I was just reading and found out that I needed a " Wireless Router " which I did not have at the time and came to remember that I had a D-Link DI-614+ in the garage. So I pulled it out and hooked it up. Everything is working fine ( when I say fine I mean wired ) - When I downloaded the Drivers for the WUSB11 Vers:1.0 and installed it.

    Linksys Cable Modem: BEFCMU10
    D-Link Wireless Router: DI-614+
    Linksys Wireless Access Point: WAP11
    Linksys Instant Wireless USB Network Adapter

    I connect the Wusb11 adapter and it shows up but it says " Local Area Connection : Wireless Connection Unavailable "

    What am I missing here? Please help a newguy out trying to get this Wireless thing going.
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