Turning Web-based mail to IMAP

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by techmanblues, Jan 17, 2006.

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    Right now, I use a program called Pop Peeper to log into my various webmail accounts at Yahoo and Gmail to download the mails that are in the inbox. However, that is all that PP can do. It cannot go to the user-created non-inbox folders. This is akin to Outlook Express. All this because both my webmail and PP do not support IMAP. However, is there a way to make a program like PP acts like an IMAP client? I know that would be a challenge since the webmail providers do not support IMAP, but my point is is there a workaround solution using a PP-like program or an add-on to Outlook for that matter? In other words, is there a way to trick the webmail provider's POP3 server into yielding the contents of the non-inbox directories?

    I have a lot of mails in my Gmail and Yahoo accounts that I have organized into folders, but unless I log into the webmail via a web browser and move them to the Inbox, I cannot have access to them via a local client like PP and OE.

    I love the IMAP protocol. It's a very convenient way to synchonize one's emails. This way, there is no worry about backing up one's emails since there are always 2 copies of the mails: one on the local machine and one on the server -- more copies if one accesses the IMAP account with more than one local clients.

    I know that the reason webmail providers do not support IMAP because of the extra overhead in always trying to keep the directory structures in synch between the server and the client, but if they would charge for it, I do not mind paying a small fee because I know that it's worth the money to keep my emails backed-up in real-time.
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