[Tutorial - 30 Minutes or Less] Site to Site VPN with TomatoUSB and OpenVPN

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    I hope this is okay and not against the term of use - "spam-like" or "promoting" a website. I only have two tutorials on the site and both are TomatoUSB specific and fairly unique.

    I registered on this site 3 years ago (under a different account) looking for help setting up a Site to Site VPN. I got the help I was looking for and have learned much since then. This is my way of giving something back to the community.

    Feedback and suggestions on improving the tutorial is appreciated.

    [Tutorial - 30 Minutes or Less] Site to Site VPN with TomatoUSB and OpenVPN

    The intent of the tutorial is to provide you with the quickest and least painful step-by-step process for setting up a secure, yet simple Site to Site VPN between two locations, allowing resources to be accessed and shared from both locations (resources behind the routers will be accessible to each other)..

    Client to Site VPN can also easily be added.

    All under 30 minutes!

    Video Walk-Through of complete process (24 minutes!) http://youtu.be/QsaYzgOIn6w

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