Tutorial for DD-WRT on WRT54G Version 5 or 6

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by thescorpion420, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    Hello, I put what I think is a really easy to follow tutorial for putting DD-WRT on the Linksys WRT54G version 5 or 6 router. Pics and all, its rather visual. I dunno, check it out if your having problems.


    Check it out here!
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Nice Tutorial Shawn!
  3. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    Thanks, sorry a little late.

    That was my first tutorial on anything, well atleast published. lol, who hasn't given an oral tutorial.


    P.S. Thanks for the sticky!
  4. mecdrox

    mecdrox LI Guru Member

    This is freaky cool. Thank you for making it so easy!
  5. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    No problem, when I did it I used the bitsum tutorial and it worked but I had to figure out some things for myself and incorporated them into the tutorial I made.

  6. scan

    scan LI Guru Member

    The link doesn't work for me
  7. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member

  8. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    I am sorry, I was doing some stuff last night and changed the main file.



    EDIT: I also wrote a tutorial on how to go back to the VXWorks firmware after you have flashed to DDWRT.

    Check it out here
  9. pfcdude

    pfcdude Network Guru Member

    awesome! i ve been looking for somthing like this ever since my v.2 wrt54g kicked the bucket about a year ago. again thx for this walkthrough.
  10. scan

    scan LI Guru Member

    WRT54Gv5 flashed to dd-wrt

    I followed the guide and flashed my wrt54g ver.5 to the dd-wrt "generic" but its still unstable. It disconnects from time to time and I have to do a dhcp renew to get back online. Any suggestions?
  11. pfcdude

    pfcdude Network Guru Member

    the link dosent appear to work anymore?
  12. easygo

    easygo LI Guru Member

    Link is not working. Can anyone help please? Thanks.
  13. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    his site is down, no one can do anything about that, just wait until it is ip again. I had asked if he needed the guide hosted here but he never replied to take question.
  14. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    Yea, so I had some internet issues for the last week. I took care of it, and my website has returned!!


    Sorry about that, damned qwest and their incompetince!!!
  15. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    if you wanna host the guide here let me know.
  16. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    Its all good, basically I went from a qwest dsl+phone package to just DSL and somehow it took them 4 days to get it right. My house used to be a duplex and they hooked the DSL line to the nonexistant upstairs phone line, so they had to come out today and reconnect it to the downstairs line. Some serious crap to go through, oh well I got it to work and its back online now. Thanks for the offer though.

  17. easygo

    easygo LI Guru Member


    The DD-WRT v23 SP2 you posted was a god send. I was trying to upgrade the firmware on my WRT54Gv6 with SP1 and it didn't work. Thanks for posting it on your website as I didn't see the SP2 on DD-WRT website anywhere.

    However, I still have one issue - the DDNS page is not working. IE comes up with an error on the page and the page doesn't autorefresh when I choose say No-ip.com as the DDNS provider. Can anyone confirm this?

    Also, one more question. Since I went about in a round about fashion upgrading the firmware which didn't include a vximgtoolgui for a killer image, does that make any difference in the end? All functionality seems to be there except for the DDNS issue I reported above. Thanks so much to all you guys.
  18. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    The only thing that does is makes the wrt54g have a generic mac address. To get the dynamicDNS function to work you've got to get this firmware.

  19. easygo

    easygo LI Guru Member

    Does that mean DDNS won't work with the firmware version you posted?Thanks.
  20. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    No it should work in the firmware version I posted, I had the same problem, but updating the firmware fixed it.

  21. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Does anyone know if PPTP GRE (IP protocol 47) and IPSec's IP protocols 50/51 are enabled by default in the DDWRT Micro versions for WRT54G v5/v6? as teh Linksys official VxWorks have these "protocols (NOT PORTS) disabled within the firmware?
  22. xsaitox

    xsaitox LI Guru Member

    so this seems pretty easy
    how big is the chance i will mess up my router
    like percent wise ?
    i also have a boradban phone
    dose this make the risk bigger ?
  23. moijetsky

    moijetsky LI Guru Member

    Hi all!

    I've just bought a new wrt54gs, & my firmware rev is 1.50.8 spanish version.

    When I try to upload vxworks_prep_v03.bin I get a "wrong file error" and I cant continue with the process.
    Is this a new firmware version & its not able to be upgraded to DD-WRT or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for your help
  24. MoiX

    MoiX Network Guru Member

    I've got the same problem as I bought my WRT54GS (v5.1 although I couldn't tell from the box it which version it was), had a good read on here and DD-WRT pages. The thing is my router came with an earlier version of the firmware (1.50.3 or 5 iirc) and I updated it sucessfully to 1.50.8 earlier in the evening and wish I hadn't as I suspect my original earlier version might have allowed the vxworks_prep_v03.bin file to be flashed without protest.

    So now I'd like to try going back to my earlier version of the oem firmware but don't have a copy of it and have trawled linksys's site & ftp and googled everything and can't find a copy.

    Does anyone have a copy of the v1.50.3 firmware that they could email to me
  25. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    Well you can't actually use the files listed on my website for the GS it is for the G routers, but you can go here, download these and replace the prep and killer with these and it will work.

  26. moijetsky

    moijetsky LI Guru Member

    With those files it works!!!
    Thank you very much scorpion, thanks for this coool tutorial!!:thumbup: :thumbup:
  27. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    no problem, stop back again!

  28. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    Hey I purchased a domain name today and whatnot, so the link at the beginning changed. The domain is http://www.scorpiontek.org/ . The old link will continue to work and whatnot just would rather use the scorpiontek.org domain instead of the dyndns one. Later

  29. teddytiger

    teddytiger Network Guru Member

    Once you've gotten the DD-WRT v23 SP2 Generic on the WRT54G v6, can you flash it with other versions of DD-WRT?
  30. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    Well that depends on what you mean by other versions. You can upgrade to newer versions of the micro, but you cannot flash the mini or standard version, because the v5 and v6 simply do not have enough flash storage space. Sorry.

  31. teddytiger

    teddytiger Network Guru Member

    Ahh, okay. That's what I wanted to know. Thanks.
  32. techpronow

    techpronow LI Guru Member

    Is there anyone out there making new or modified versions of the v23 sp2 micro -with- nocatsplash?

    I am considering doing the RAM upgrade and possibly a FLASH upgrade, but I have to admit I am very nervous seeing that all I have ever soldered is fan mods and larger wires.

    Has anyone attempted any hardware mods on wrt54g v6 yet?
  33. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    I haven't heard of anyone upgrading the flash, but I did hear of someone upgrading the RAM. Dude, you better have a damn steady hand to desolder and solder some ram and flash. Those connections are frickin tiny!

  34. bertomp

    bertomp LI Guru Member

    I've tried to have an answer for this question in other thread without luck, so I try it here.
    Anybody knows if loading DD-WRT v23 SP2 in a WRT54G V5.1 is it possible to adjust the wireless signal output power?, exist this option between DD-WRT fimware's features?
    Thanks and regards
  35. peche

    peche LI Guru Member

    Can any one tell me how to make Dynamic Domain Name System works with the firmware : DD-WRT v23 SP2 (08/03/06) micro?

    Thanks guys!

    Edit: Fixed thanks again...
  36. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member


    Yes you can adjust the wireless signal power in DD-WRT, you can adjust it from 0-251 mW, however it isn't recommended you go above 100.

  37. bertomp

    bertomp LI Guru Member

    Thank you very much Shawn. Let´s try it.
  38. bertomp

    bertomp LI Guru Member

    Well, 24 hours with my WRT54G V5.1 and DD-WRT firmware and everything seems to be OK.
    The only strange thing is that I´m checking my wireless signal using my PPC (Asus A636N) and I need to have aceptable signal 2 floors downstairs. With the defalut value on "Xmit Power" (28mW) I get excelent signal on the same floor, between normal and poor signal 1 floor downstairs and between poor and no signal 2 floors downstairs. I get the same results adjusting to 50mW or 90 mW, so I don´t really know if i´m increasing the power or I´m simply changing the value on the screen (after change I click apply changes and the new value keep fixed).
    Anyway fantastic manual. Very well explained and easy to follow (even I was able to do it:) ). So thanks a lot Shawn.
  39. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    I'm not quite sure, someone will probably correct me, but I think the antenna's that come with the wrt54g don't have the best vertical range. They are omnidirectional but I think they have a small range vertically. Like I said not sure. Perhaps you could invest in a better antenna or perhaps have some fun and make your own. I found some resources on the net


    and if you really wanna go uber geek on it


  40. bertomp

    bertomp LI Guru Member

    OK Shawn.
    That will be my next job.
    Thanks again
  41. ref_daddyj

    ref_daddyj Guest

    Nice, worked like a charm, thx.
  42. amyno

    amyno Guest

    hey scrop

    I installed DDR-WRt for version 5, and am having a little problem. My laptops keeps dropping connection, and i have to power cycle my rotuer for it to work again. IS there a way to fix it?
  43. lbjandai

    lbjandai LI Guru Member

    thank you very much!
  44. Bazzek

    Bazzek Network Guru Member


    Thanks for this great guide. I used it and got it working with only a few minor extra actions.

    First of all, when the DD-WRT firmware is uploaded, my router (WRT54G v5) does not reset automatically, i just waited about 10 minutes (better safe then sorry) and powercycled it myself.

    Another thing that i found, but which is DD-WRT related, is that i couldn't save changes and instead of saving i got a blank page. Holding reset for 30 seconds fixed that up perfectly.
  45. jongi

    jongi Network Guru Member

    On the v5 (SP1), I find that when using the web interface, it will after some time fail to connect to the router. At the bottom of the browser it will say that it is "Waiting for reply from". Even if i then try to user another browser, the same thing will happen.

    This will force me to actually turn off the router and computer.

    EDIT: I'll upgrade to micro SP2 and see if this continues. Is the process of upgrading a simple matter of downloading the bin file and choosing upgrade firmware while i am in the web interface for SP1?
  46. thescorpion420

    thescorpion420 LI Guru Member

    Does it do this when you are running bit torrents? If so see this Otherwise, well its prolly something addressed on that page, so just check out that wiki entry and see if that works.

  47. MrThorr

    MrThorr LI Guru Member

    Hello !

    Thanks for this tutorial.

    I've flased my WRT54GS v6 with DD-WRT v23 SP2 micro, and i have a little problem.

    I donf find the repeter mode. In wireless mode, i have : AP, Client, Client Brigde et AdHock.

    I have freebox (french) with wifi pcmcia adapter and 4 pc.

    I want use the wrt54gs only in repeter mode, because the signal of my freebox cant go at 2 pc.

    I think : the repeter mode is not present on micro distrib ?

    (Sorry for my english, but i was french student :), i havent fin a solution in french...).


  48. fabiorf

    fabiorf Guest

    Thanks for this guide.
    I got a wrt54g v2 with linksys firmware. Intending to install the dd-wrt firmware, i downloaded it from the dd-wrt web page.
    It says on the instruction file :

    "-For upgrading from the original Linksys firmware, please use the generic mini version (dd-wrt.vXX_mini_generic.bin) and flash it from the web GUI interface. After this first flashing you can change to any other distribution, if you want."

    My question is: Should i do what they say ,and just flash the file from the web interface, or i need to follow all the steps on this tutorial?

    Secondary question : Why there is no mention about upgrading a v2 wrt54g router ? Is there a problem with this?

    Thanks !
  49. phinn

    phinn Network Guru Member

    I know this is gonna sound like a flame but seriously, why do you people go out and buy these POS v5-v6 routers only to put a crippled version of DD-WRT on them?

    Send Linksys a MESSAGE and don't buy them, buy the GLs and others with Linux on them. Don't give Linksys an excuse to make junk.
  50. revnull

    revnull Network Guru Member

    As a VERY happy user of the "crippled" version of DD-WRT on my "POS" wrt54g v6, I take exception to your flame/comment. Comments like yours can sometimes deter the developers from producing future builds. While I do not agree with Linksys/Cisco's move to re-badge the v4 as the GL and charge a premium for it, I do understand the marketing and internal cost cutting behind it. To be fair, the target market for wrt54g is the "everyman", not linux fans wanting to run their router as a server. As a router coupled with the Micro version of DD-WRT firmware the router works GREAT. You get much more tune ability with Micro and in the management interface is quite a step up from the drab and tired IU from Linksys.
    By not buying the v5, v6, or v7 all you are telling Linksys is their marketing is working. The fact of the matter is most users wanting to run the Full version of DD-WRT will grab a GL or Buffalo off the shelf rather than hunting ebay for their next embedded server/router.
  51. PerfMonk

    PerfMonk Guest

    DD-WRT with wrt54g version 6 any SNMP possibilities ?


    I have successfully installed dd-wrt.v23_micro_generic on my linksys. I would like to watch bandwith in/out from 4 PC connected on the router (3 wired and 1 wireless). Is it possible to install SNMP since version 6 has a very small memory ? If not what are the possibilities ? If yes how ? I would like to know who use the bandwith but I have a limited knowledge of dd-wrt and SNMP actually. Any recommended reading ?


  52. jeloxi

    jeloxi Network Guru Member

    Successfully flashed my WRT54G v5 as described in the procedure. Was working perfectly for 2 days until I unplugged the power. Now it's acting like its bricked. All the LEDs are lit. Did a reset, and still the same. My computer can't even connect to it via cable.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?
  53. alfun

    alfun LI Guru Member

    if i install dd-wrt micro on my wrt54g version 6 and i dont like it how do i go back to the linksys firmware?
  54. NYBOY

    NYBOY Network Guru Member

    everything work ok but i cannot open SSH on it... :(
  55. rainiac

    rainiac LI Guru Member

    Version 2 vs. Version 5 for WDS?

    I have two Linksys WRT54G routers, one is version 2 and the other is version 5. I would like to create a wireless bridge using WDS to connect my old iMac (no airport capability) downstairs to my wireless network upstairs.

    My question is: which WRT54G should I use as the AP, and which as the client? Here are the details of the routers:

    Version 2 - upgraded to Linksys firmware version 4.21.1 using WPA. It's currently the upstairs AP, but I can change that.

    Version 5 - Linksys firmware version 1.00.6 set to factory defaults. Serial number begins with CDFB.

    My guess is to upgrade the version 2 router with DD-WRT, as it is the more powerful router, but I'm not sure. I'm a relative newby to these routers.

  56. rbngan

    rbngan LI Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G V5. I Installed the DD-WRT v23 sp2 (09/15/06) micro - build 3932.

    This one is not in production yet, but I noticed the Mac Address was changed. After reading more I found that the process I followed from DD-WRT site did not include the step to add the original mac address. Now I have a generic address. The router I have in production is a V6 with the same DD-wrt micro firmware is no dropping packets. It also has a generic Mac Address. I read on the internet that this generic address can cause packet loss.

    The goal is to get the Original Mac address permanently on the router.

    Ok the Question: Do I have to reinstall DD-WRT v23 sp2 (09/15/06) micro - build 3932 on my wrt54g V5 and V6? If so How? I could not find any questions addressing this. I want to reinstall so I can use the VXWorks Killer image tool to add my original MAC address.

    Or is there a way to change the mac address permanently?
    I did see at http://www.scorpiontek.org/portal/content/view/82/32/ a way to change the mac address, but it also said that if you every have to reset the router the MAC address I would have to be reset also.
  57. patocr

    patocr Guest

    thnx so much!!! this guide solved mi problem with a ver. 6, all fine and smooth!!
    thnks again
  58. kulitkulit

    kulitkulit Addicted to LI Member

    I would like to ask if there is DD-WRT upgrade for WRT54G v7. I was looking for it but not able to find 1.
  59. pmalange

    pmalange Guest

    My successful upgrade on wrt54g v6 factory firmware version to DD-WRT v24 (05/24/08) micro - build 9526 was totally similar to this really cool tutorial only that i managed to find scorpion420's work after spending a few hours trying to upload different firmwares and the all mighty 'invalid ... " stuff came up. just to share what i did , see below

    i downloaded

    vmworks killer v4,
    vmworks prep 03

    1. Flashing from firmware to dd-wrtv24 caused an 'invalid ...." message
    2. so i used tftp to flash WRT54G V6 with vmworks_prep v03
    3. then flashed with vmworks_killerv4
    4. then having noticed that it works, i later upgraded to dd-wrt v.24 firmware

    I am sure i step was not required but i am new to these things. All i wanted was to use wds on these routers and its exciting seeing it work

    03I did my upgrade on wrt54g version 6
  60. wwright00

    wwright00 Guest

    i went through trying to upgrade my firmware on a wrt54g v.5 using first the vxworks_prep_v03.bin then with the vxworks_killer_v04.bin and now cannot access the management page via the web. have i corrupted my flash leaving my linksys router dead in the water???
    Does anyone know a way to recover from this or am i missing a step?????
    when using ftp can i just point my server to the router and push a new image over to it??

    any help would be much appreciated!!!!!!!!
  61. DaveMcLain

    DaveMcLain Network Guru Member

    Thank you for the tutorial on this upgrade I have used your directions to flash about 10 of these routers, v5, GS v5, v6 etc all with success. They all seem to run well and I have the performing various tasks, bridging, AP'ing, routing with great reliability. These boxes are usually less expensive than the earlier or L versions on E-Bay and for my uses they work fine.

    I wish it were possible to do a similar thing on the Netgear WGR614V9 router.
  62. pyramid

    pyramid Addicted to LI Member

    Converting WRT54GS to Ethernet Bridge

    Hello everyone,
    I am a newbie to the site. I have got a Linksys WRT54GS Ver.6 Serial#CGN91F****
    Can this unit be converted to an ethernet Bridge ??

    The reason I asked is because I installed DD-WRT on the unit, but cannot get it to
    communicate with my wireless router a Netopia model 3347-02.

    I think that I am not carrying-out all the required changes on the WRT in order for it to communicate with the router.
    Is there an instruction/guide that I can access and follow step by step to verify if all the changes have been made to the WRT54GS.??

    Would appreciate some help.
  63. Canuck21

    Canuck21 Networkin' Nut Member

    Hello everybody! I got a new WRT54G linksys router.
    Entering its config it reads "Firmware Version:v7.00.1, May. 4, 2006" Is there a way to get it work as Universal Repeater? If yes, help me please doing it.
  64. lenny

    lenny Networkin' Nut Member

    the links seems down?
    is there an updated page?
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