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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by hpsmartyz, Feb 2, 2010.

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    I am seeking some advice regarding the configuration described in the title.
    I recently bought a Sony Bravia DLNA enabled. I have a DLNA NAS at home
    and want to link those two. The TV is (for the moment) too far from the WRT54GL
    to be linked by a cable so I bought a WET54G but I think I missed something in the
    overall configuration.

    The following config seems to work (TV reaches the Internet)
    - the TV uses DHCP to get its IP@ ( from the WRT54GL
    - the WET54G uses DHCP to get its IP@ ( from the WRT54GL,
    it has for SSID the one of the WRT54GL as well as the security settings WPA/TKIP, it does not do MAC cloning.
    - the WRT54GL does static DHCP (24h lease) to the MAC@s of these two, giving them the above mentioned IP@s

    - when I turn on the TV I can not reach any more the configuration page of the WET54G via a browser (but it replies to a ping)
    - on the devices list page of the WRT54GL I see the WET54G with its MAC@ and expected IP@, the TV with its MAC@ and expected IP@ but I have a third entry with no name, the MAC@ of the WET54G and the IP@ of the TV. Note that this entry only appears when I switch on the TV.
    - and finally the WET54G never stops doing DHCP requests to the WRT54GL. I tried to find a pattern but did not (several discover/ack/request/offer over few minutes, then nothing for few minutes but sometimes for 30 min or more). I have over 1300 DHCP entries in my log over +3days so approx 100 discover/ack/request/offer per day. This does not seem to depend too much on whether the TV is on or not, but I would not bet on it.

    Note: the WRT54GL runs under Tomato 1.23 and the WET54GL under the standard fw (v2.15, Jun 11, 2007 ETSI)
    Note: by switching on/off the TV, I mean (displaying programs/sleep mode (not power off))

    So the questions are:
    * Is my config correct?
    * What could explain the issues I encounter?

    many thanks for your ideas and support.

  2. hpsmartyz

    hpsmartyz LI Guru Member


    would anyone have any hint on that?

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