Two different WRT54G routers somehow being interfered with?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by njcranberry, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. njcranberry

    njcranberry Guest

    For about a year the WRT54Gv1.1 router at my work has been working like a champ. Then last week none of the wireless clients could connect. Nothing I did would make it work again so I swapped my WRT54v2 router from home(which also works great). Oddly enough, the v1.1 router works well at home but the v2 router has the exact same problem at work. It will work for a short period of time, like 10 minutes and then all clients lose connectivity and can never find it again.

    I have set these things up before many times and I cannot figure out why it just dies like this. The only thing that has changed is that the same thime the v1.1 router went a new business next door to us turned on a wireless router running on channel 11 (originally I was on 4 but tried numerous others). I am wondering if they were running a MIMO enabled router would that somehow interfere with me?
  2. danielhaden

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    I had a few thoughts. Try a pair of Hawking Corner Reflect directional antennas on your router. Since there's only a 45 degree coverage each, then there is less chance of interference. Put them wide apart and NOT facing the new source of interference. ;)

    Try the latest HyperWRT and manually set the power on 126, and up to 168 if you must.

    Wireless mixed mode tolerates the noise from "B" clients. Using CTS protection in Mixed mode will reduce the performance hit from a nearby "B" system.

    Using CTS protection disable in "G-only" mode will make a very skinny signal that might make it through the interference if you have those directional antennas. And, you might "slip" through on channel 3, 4, 8, or 9.

    Test to see which mode works well for you.
  3. NateHoy

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    Another couple of possibilities:

    1. Your neighboring company may have their WAP placed close to the wall. Your first call should be to them, if they are good neighbors, to see if they can get away with either moving their WAP to be further away from your common wall or lower the power on their WAP. Or you can see if they'd be willing to shield the wall behind their WAP so less signal leaks out into your business. After all, having their WAP signal leaking out is also a security risk for them.

    2. If you can fix the location of their WAP fairly precisely, you may be able to do something as simple as put a piece of shielding up to deter at least reduce their signal. From what I understand, even a piece of tin foil can help. Or, supposedly, there are new metallic paints out that can be simply painted on the wall for a partial shield. Paint the entire wall that's common with them and that should lower their signal a bit. Paint the whole office and less of YOUR signal creeps outside your office, too. Of course, something like that would also affect pagers, cell phones, etc.
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