Two questions concerning the VPN server in Satori 4

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by littlewhoo, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member


    I just enabled the VPN server on my WRT54G v1.1 (Satori 4) as so far it's working without too much problems. But there are two minor issues I'm still trying to find an answer for.

    1.) Everytime I'm trying to connect to the VPN server from Windows XP, I have to do this 4 times to be able to establish a connection. The first three times only the "Connection is beeing established to" Window appears and nothing happens. The fourth time the connection is being established immediately. Why?
    It's always exactly the fourth appempt, that is successful and of course I'm connecting with the same username, password and options as in the first three attempts.

    2.) Even when activating the VPN Server I can still connect to the router from my wireless clients without establishing a VPN connection. Is it possible to configure the router to accept only wireless connections over VPN links?

  2. siverson

    siverson Network Guru Member

    I am also experiencing problem #1. Intially when the router is booted the VPN works fine, but the next day when I try to connect it just sticks on "connecting to". I can telnet to port 1723, so it seems to be responding, but I can't connect. After a couple of failed attempts, it usually connects. Any ideas?
  3. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    Yes, even while the VPN connection can't be established, the router is responding, I can still start a SSH session and everything on the router seems to be ok. Not even an error in the log concerning the failed connectios appempts.

    I don't think, that this is a general Windows VPN vs. Linux pptpd problem. I have posted this problem in a Linux group, the guys there had a look at my network setup and the pptpd start-options and configuration and I got the answer, that this setup should work without problems. None of them had ever heard of this "VPN is working only on every 4th connection attempt" problem before. So perhaps it's some sort of Satori specific bug not directly related to the VPN stuff at all.

  4. eierbeisser

    eierbeisser Network Guru Member

    #1 seems to be a bug, heard of different users with the same problem (me too). :(
  5. SeeingWhite

    SeeingWhite Network Guru Member

    Back when I could get on the Sveasoft board, this was discussed several times.

    Issue #1-- Known problem with Satori. 4th attempt typically goes through ok.

    As far as getting the pptp to work, two board members said they got it to work by port forwarding port 1723 to the ip address of your router (ie Also disabling pptp PASSTHROUGH (not the PPTP server, of course) was the other half of what they did.

    I can sometimes get it to work this way myself.
  6. Toril

    Toril Network Guru Member

    I no longer have this problem... don't know exactly what it was. But I am using pptp passthrough, I am not port forwarding 1723 to my routers ip ( .... I know what you mean though, it would take up to 4 times to make a connection from my XP machine to the router at home.

    What did I do to fix it? Recompiled my firmware. I made a few tweaks in the kernel (actually namely adding tcp_syncookie support) and upgraded to the latest dropbear (0.43) and busybox (1.00-rc1).

    For some reason, connects every single time now, on the first try without fail. If anyone is interested in the firmware, let me know. I can provide the source as well, but as it sits on the disk, it's ~800M.
  7. SeeingWhite

    SeeingWhite Network Guru Member

    Pretty cool that you got it working. I'm sure the sveasoft firmware will have it working by the next stable release (i hope).
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