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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Red Frog, Nov 5, 2009.

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    After a couple weeks of watching this thread like a hawk it drifted out of memory, though shortly before I relegated myself to the outcome of running ethernet cables everywhere I decided to make a last ditch investigative effort. Long story short, I was experiencing some massive interference across the entire band. I've experienced interference before but absolutely nothing like that. I've since resolved the issue. I've left the original post below, blanked but available for posterity. Let me apologize in advance if this edit brings the thread back to the top as my intentions are not to invoke any thread necromancy, only to bring a close to the story.


    Two routers, which would otherwise be working perfectly, have developed malfunctioning radios apparently simultaneously while I was sleeping. Worked fine last night, dead (or mostly dead) today. One, a WRT54G-TM, which has been great since I bought it nearly a year ago was the first I noticed dead (or thought I noticed first) since I couldn't access it through my WRTSL54GS which I bought several months ago and has been acting wonderfully as a wireless bridge. Evidently what I first thought was a malfunction in the TM was actually the SL's radio malfunctioning, although with both seemingly dead I suppose it's a moot point as to which died first.

    Any ideas? Cisco cast a voodoo spell on me? Solar flares? Some punk with an Auditor live disc?

    Both transmitters were set to 28mW and everything but the wireless currently works fine, running Thibor 15c on the TM and 17c on the SL. I'm not exactly fluent in command line Linux but I have been looking through the WL commands with the TM and I can (or at least it is telling me I can) turn the radio on and off, however this does not appear to be having any worthwhile effect on the device. Aside from there being perfectly synchronized time bombs inside my devices, I'm at a loss. I've had both unplugged for a while, to check if they were having static interference but the radios are still out. Can the radios inside these things be replaced? I really don't want to get new devices since I've been lusting over this configuration for years (you guys probably don't need me to tell you how hard it is finding a WRTSL). I'm also hesitant to contact Linksys, even if they were to provide me with warranty support I'd probably get some junk routers in return that I can't flash with a worthwhile firmware.
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