Two WRT54G and one line?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by lalo123, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. lalo123

    lalo123 Guest

    Can I connect one WRT54G to my cable company, and wire a second unit to the first one, in order to expand the coverage?

  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Absolutely. Simply run a cable from your main router to a LAN port on the second router and make sure to disable the DHCP server in the second router and change the LAN IP address so it doesn't conflict with the 1st.

    Additionally you could look into WDS to eliminate the need for running the cable between the routers.
  3. ConverseNation

    ConverseNation Network Guru Member

    Lets make this a party...

    [align=justify:d384e77c9c]Here is an expansion on the idea, I could use a second opinion.

    WRT54GS (CGN5 dd-wrt v.23) #1 and WRT54GS (CGN5 dd-wrt v.23) #2

    Cable Modem (Road Runner 15 mbps / 2 mbps)

    #1 WAN (Public IP) LAN HotSpot/Chillispot
    >>>> Set up the home PC's with static 100.x IP's
    >>>> Using RADIUS and Website for Authentication by Visiting Family. Big Family 64 Cousins 8 Aunt and Uncles just on one side. We all use a WRT54GS for our homes and actually use What's Up Gold to monitor all the connections. LOL. My friends think we are crazy, and cheap. They are wondering why I am not broadcasting around the neighborhood... Well, good question and I decided to do one better. Purchased a Comet 15.4 Antenna and a 1/2 watt Amp. I Have power and CATV running to Roof Line of the home (3 Stories.

    #2 WAN (not connected) LAN (Not sure what is best now... Any Ideas on which of the following would be best throughput?)
    >>>> 1) Disable DHCP, Match SSID and Channel; #1 LAN port 1 to #2 LAN port 1
    >>>> 2) Use LAZY WDS and forget the CatV, Match SSID and Channel (don't see repeater mode so that must be what the WDS does, hmmmm.....)
    >>>> 3) Put Down the Amp, and Ladder and Back away from the WI-FI devices.

    I am not sure how the Chillispot/Hotspot Functions are best left functional. I believe it only needs to be in #1 with the #2 left alone.
    Hope I didn't break forum ettiquette.

    Kevin Converse
    Redington Shores, Fl.[/align:d384e77c9c]
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    You have to go to advanced routing and change the setting from Gateway to Router.
  5. samplayer

    samplayer Guest

    similar setup - looking for advice

    I have a similar setup where I am trying to create 1 wireless network with 2 wrt54g routers (running dd-wrt v23) connected by cat5.

    Here is my setup:

    D-Link504 == WRT54G(1)===ETH SWITCH===WRT54G(2)==PC(3)
    ...........................||.......................... ||
    ..........................PC(1) ...................PC (2)

    *Ignore the dots, it was the only way i could make it format properly!

    Then i have a few PC's that i want to connect wirelessly. (The switch might seem redundant but these are distances of 30 metres and i have a patchboard setup so i can physically route different sections of the house together as i wish)

    I thought that I needed to use WDS, but from the reading I have done WDS is for connecting the routers wirelessly.

    If I follow the guide in this thread... (and i presume have same wireless settings on both routers) will the wireless network act like two separate networks or will it work as a mesh?

    WRT(1) is current set to handle DHCP, although the IP's look like they are actually being handed out by the D-Link.
    WRT(2) is set on "disabled" and the wireless settings are identical to WRT(1), however WRT(2) doesnt give me any internet (wired or wireless) even though PC(3) and wireless PC's are getting DHCP. WRT(1) works perfectly (wired and wireless).

    Any hints on getting this working would be appreciated! And i apologise for the long-winded waffle
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