Two WRT54G routers (*one as AP)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Anonymous, Nov 18, 2005.

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    Hi guys,

    I need to have a house-wide WiFi network, but one WRT54G alone doesn't provide full coverage. I bought another one and before connecting it, I'd like to ensure it's set up correctly.

    The original one is my NAT box and the cable modem connects to its WAN port. From the origninal box's LAN port, I have a Cat5 connection going to an 8-port Linksys switch and one of the two 802.11 APs that I want (SSID: Basement). From the switch I plan to connect to a LAN port on the NEW router.

    The new 54g will act solely as an AP (SSID: Kitchen), not as another NAT box. In other words, I want any devices connected to the either WRT54G, wirelessly or hard-wired, to pull their DHCP Addresses from the ORIGNIAL 54G, not the new one.

    As for security, I need the original one to work with my TiVo (which only uses WEP keys, not WPA). The new one, I'd like to be WPA to make configuration easy for visitors (just give them my passphrase).

    Can I accomplish what's necessary using a pair of 54G's? If so, should both be on the same wireless channel or each SSID on a different channel (I'm guessing different, channels 1 and 11 to avoid overlap).

    My questions: 1) What settings need be changed to allow the 54g (version 4) to work solely as an AP and not as a NAT box?

    2) If nothing is connected to the new 54g's WAN port, does it matter what the setup is set for (DHCP, static, PPPoE, etc)?

    3) By disabling the DHCP server in the new 54g and connecting to the old one (hardwired via LAN ports), is this the best way to achieve my goal?

    4) What about the two different security needs? WEP-128 for the TiVo and WPA-PSK for normal users?

    Thanks in advance!
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