Two WRT54GS in WDS using WPA2

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sirris, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. sirris

    sirris Network Guru Member


    I have two WRT54GS (v1 and v4) models running DD-WRT v23 standard. Here is my current network topology:

    Cable Modem -> WRT54GS(v1) Parent <- WDS -> WRT54GS(v4) Child

    I've succeeded in setting up WDS in both un-secure and WPA mode. However, I've been unsuccessful in setting up WPA2 over WDS, which is what I'd prefer.

    When I set both routers to "WPA2 Shared Key Only" they never seem to be able to connect to each other. Interestingly enough, the child router lists the parent as a WDS node, where the parent has nothing listed on the child.

    Has anyone succeeded or have any tips on this configuration?

    Thanks in advance!

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