Two WRT55AG routers wirelessly on same network

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    This has been posted elseware but i like to cover my bases thank you:)

    My client now has two WRT55AG dual-band routers. The original one is a version 1 type with version # 1.02 dated March 23 2003 and matching release notes that state 1.02 is the correct version number. The other is a version two with version 1.67 recently installed.

    He would like to connect them into one network sharing an intermit connection instead of two networks each with there own internet connection now that he has consolidated locations down to one property and one large building, two story, to extend the range.

    Running a cable between would not be feasible due to overall length of cable (cannot be a straight line), however routers can be positioned at or near windows and antennas positioned to be very nearly line of sight on each floor.

    With routers in same room for initial setup, I took these steps to verify each router works independently.
    • I reset each router to factory default by using 10 to 15 second pin reset
    • Leaving only one router powered up at a time I connected via a cable to port 1 and connected the cable modem to the internet port
    • Reset modem, router then PC due to auto IP default settings to be sure I connected.
    • I accessed and set SSID for A side to test-Sid-a and disabled the G side to minimize interference with other networks around the business that are run by other people.
    • I was able to get internet and ping other pc’s hardwired to router.
    • I then enabled a wireless a adaptor in my test PC and disconnected the hard wire cable and was successful at joining the wireless part of the network.
    Therefore, proving independent function; I then disabled the wireless a card in my test PC for the next step to minimize confusion

    Next, leavening one router powered at a time, I directly connected to each router via port 1 and unequally identified each router the network as
    • V1 router as IP
    • V2 router as IP
    Next, I added internet (cable modem) to V1 router via internet port and connected via Ethernet cable to port 1 on V1 router to verify internet. This worked after powering down all components then rebooting modem, routers V1 then V2 and PC in that order. To this point, I met with success. After re-enabling the A card and rebooting the test PC Powering down the V2 router and leaving V1 router powered allowed me to connect wirelessly to the V1 router with success including internet.

    To recap they both have same SSID, broadcast the same SSID but G transmitter is off to minimize conflicts with other peoples networks. Via cable to port 1 of each router, I am able to access or respectively but not over the air when not connected by Ethernet cable at all using the re-enabled test PC wireless a card. Also to ensure connection both v1 and v2 set to same channel for a side

    The next step was network DHCP settings I know that the DHCP functions cannot conflict so I set the range on both routers to allowing for 50 DHCP connections but turning off DHCP server on second (V2) router and thus forcing DHCP service to come from the V1 router in theory.

    The result is that with V2 router off I can connect to v1 router (including control port both wired and wirelessly with internet. When V2 router is on, I can connect to v2 router control IP when wired to it but not over the air. However, when wired to v2 router I get no internet, even after reboot of all equipment. Remember when wired I disable the A card in test PC.

    My questions are these
    • Do I have to set two DHCP ranges 1.100 and 1.200 respectfully allowing say 25 connections, and leave both routers DHCP services on to connect?
    • Do I statically define all PC’s wired and wireless with there own IP leaving internet DHCP enabled on V1 router (as per ISP setup needs) and using a static IP pointing to the default interment gateway on router V1
    • Do I need to add the other routers MAC address some ware?
    • are there other setting overlooked
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