Ubuntu Folder Share permissions issues.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by NssOne, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. NssOne

    NssOne LI Guru Member

    Hey there guys. How y'all doing. As suggested, I'm currently having an issue with some shared folder from my NAS200 that I have not encountered before until recently after a fresh re-install of Ubuntu Karmic/Lucid. Although I admit this is most likely a Linux issue, but others I have talked to have suggested it could be a sharing/permissions problem on my NAS. I wanted to make sure there isn't something I missing with my NAS setup to make this work.

    Anyway, so here's my issue: I have 2 share folders I have mounted in my fstab as networked drives. This is what they look like in my fstab (with sensitive information omitted).
    // /home/tg37/Shared cifs rw,_netdev,user=user,password=password 0 0chmod
    // /home/tg37/Games cifs rw,_netdev,user=user,password=password 0 0
    I simply followed some guidelines on how to mount these from some search result i found while trying to remember how to do this again in the first place. This is how it laid it out as far as what to put in fstab to mount these drives. Now, the user I have assigned for these has full r/w permissions without admin controls set up on the NAS. Now I have 2 mounted network shared folders that only give me 501 level of permissions with all files and folders.

    And when I do get file writing access, I have an issue of files showing up both in the shared folder and in the folder on my hard drive (taking up precious space). I'm trying to make sure that anytime I select that folder it is only to access the shared folder on my NAS and not on my hard drive.

    Once, again, I realize this may be only a Linux related issue. But if anybody has any insight to this and knows of anything I would have to check that's related to my NAS to make sure I'm getting the proper permissions to get this to work, or if there's a better way to set up the folder sharing, feel free to enlighten me.

    Thank you for your time and for reading this.
  2. morgan_greywolf

    morgan_greywolf Addicted to LI Member

    You'd be better off posting your question on the Ubuntu Forums.

    First off, you need to specify the either the 'uid=', 'noperm', 'file_mode' and/or 'dir_mode' options, or the only account that will be able to write there is root. Secondly, the first line is invalid, you have '0chmod' as the last argument, and I'm sure that's not what you want. Lastly, I recommend typing 'man mount.cifs' and reading over all the options I mentioned very carefully.
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