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    i would please if i can get the anser to as why i cant stealth my pc with your router ? (linkysys adsl2 gateway) i have run it with just the router with no firewall soft ware and with 4 ather soft whare fire walls ,Now all test show my pc is vunable to trojan attacks !
    UDP ports...all the rest has past in ather words i have about 16 ports Closed the rest stealthed --with the old dial up every thing is stealthed..ok i have read post as to why this can or cant be ,But i want to know why Not With your product..as i am not interested in netting any pcs ,and have all ports 135,136,137 block by software ,no pings or sharing allowed,or loop backs,all tcp packets
    block mode as well i have a filter program running to stop cookies no scripting or shareing allowed ..spoofing blocking and if i could hide my ip ..that i can do now as i cant use a proxy server ..(localhost 8080) What win ver Has Nothing to do with what i want from my browsing the nett as i did have it all working on my 3 pcs
    98.2000. XP 1st ed and the latest ver with xp ser pack 2 - that was using the old 56k modem dial in ..the ather thing is i dont get a different ip Now but i understand this NOW as to why ..So please
    I want to know am i realy at risk by not having my pc in full steath MODE thanking you ..
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