UFS200 v1.1 wishlist open!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by jackito, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member


    Since UFS200 v1.0 is already out there I will start to think about new features for the new v1.1. :biggrin:
    If you would like to suggest any new feature, contribute with new scripts, improve the existing ones, write some documentation about some existing feature, anything that you can think off it will be usefull. Feel free to post your ideas on this thread!

  2. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    I will start the list with: plowshare.
    It´s a command line downloader for sites like rapidshare, megaupload and so on.
  3. Djniklos

    Djniklos Addicted to LI Member


    I want to install SabNzb on my NAS, but I have a problem because SabNzb needs python.

    Can you integrate python or SabNzb on UFS200 v1.1 ?

    Thank you.
  4. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Running the conf and data partition in ext3 will be added in UFS200 v1.1.

  5. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    I will try. Of course the more people is interested the more I will try. :)
  6. raccoon_ts

    raccoon_ts Addicted to LI Member

    Hi, I'd like to have an iTunes Server like mtdaapd included.
    Thanks for your and Jacs work

  7. the_goodman

    the_goodman Addicted to LI Member

    To substitute ctorrent and amule, is possible install MLDonkye as a single client?
  8. ialvarez

    ialvarez Addicted to LI Member

    Could it be possible to serve Subversion?
  9. morgan_greywolf

    morgan_greywolf Addicted to LI Member


    Probably. Subversion depends mostly on the Apache Portable Runtime and Berkley DB, so the dependencies are minimal.

    Cross-compiling these for the NAS200 shouldn't be difficult at all.
  10. glassfox

    glassfox Guest

    Subversion - is a great idea !!!
  11. driost

    driost Guest

    My vote is for subversion too... or another version control (Actually, i use SVN and i evaluate GIT too).
  12. psychowood

    psychowood Network Guru Member

    I'd love to have a netatalk binary to allow Apple Time Machine backups...
  13. bwolff

    bwolff Networkin' Nut Member

  14. morgan_greywolf

    morgan_greywolf Addicted to LI Member

  15. jac_goudsmit

    jac_goudsmit Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  16. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    I already looked at this program but the problem is that the binaries (that control the USB server) provided by the company are compiled for a newer version of GLIBC and they don´t supply the sources. They only supply the source code for the kernel module.
    On the other hand, I´ve been investigating other options and I think I will give this a try.
  17. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Nevermind USBIP also requires newer GLIBC and GCC and so on to compile.
    I´m giving up.
    If somebody finds a solution with lower requirements (something that can be compiled for NAS200 enviroment) post a reply here and I will give it a try.

  18. morgan_greywolf

    morgan_greywolf Addicted to LI Member

    Actually, USBIP doesn't require a newer kernel, but you're right that sources at least claim to need gcc >= 4.0. However, it also claims the need for libglib2.0, which is part of GTK+. Probably some part of the code is client, and the other part is server. It isn't likely that the server part needs GLIB and it's possible that you might be able to compile that part with gcc 3.3.4 anyway. Never know unless you give it a try.
  19. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Finally I could compile USBIP and run it in the NAS200 but is not working fine. I´m opening another thread for this subject in case somebody wants to help.

  20. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Hi, I have CUPS running on NAS200 so it will be integrated in the next UFS200 release. :)
    I also have SANE backends running on NAS200, turning it into a scanner server (tested with a USB Canon LiDE20 scanner).


    PS: I´m still trying to make usbip work on NAS200 but with SANE and CUPS all my needs are satisfied. :)
  21. bwolff

    bwolff Networkin' Nut Member

  22. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Plowshare will be part of next UFS200 release and logrotate as well.

  23. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Hi bwolff,

    I managed to get ntfsmount running. So ntfsmount as well as all ntfsprogs package tools will be included in UFS200 v1.1.

  24. bwolff

    bwolff Networkin' Nut Member

  25. bwolff

    bwolff Networkin' Nut Member

    ctorrent has problems...

    in version 1.0 my torrents are always being stopped (i guess for some ctorrent problem) which is making me not a very happy user of ctorrent... isn't there any other torrents client more stable than that? i found a rtorrent and a transmission but i'm not a unix user so i miss the skills for testing, deploy and that sort of things :(

  26. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Sorry but ctorrents stays AFAIK the app works. I´m using it for more than a year now. You are not the first to report this issue with dctcs/ctorrent but I thinks its a configuration issue more than a problem with the app itself.
    Since in UFS200 all the apps are provided unconfigured, please review configuration, file and directories permissions, and so on. And if all this doesn´t work you will always have google. :)

  27. ialvarez

    ialvarez Addicted to LI Member

    Media server

    Could it be possible to include a free media server (like jinzora)?
  28. jackito

    jackito LI Guru Member

    Hi, there is no need to wait for UFS200 v1.1 to get jinzora working.

    It´s a web app without big requirements and it can be easily installed in UFS200 v1.0 since it already provides all the needed dependencies (php + mysql + lighttpd).

    Because of this, jinzora will not be included in UFS200 v.1.1 release.


    PS: after testing jinzora in the NAS200, I can´t recommended it at all, it´s not NAS200 suitable. It´s very resource consuming (for the lame NAS200 hardware) and it takes a few minutes since you click on play until you get the streaming from the NAS200 (I think jinzora is doing some preloading/processing of the file before streaming it). As an example, I already developed my own web app for streaming (using php+mysql+lighttpd+shoutcast) and it is a lot lot lot faster and lighter than jinzora. Also importing music to the database in my app is more than six times faster (around 30mins for 17300+ songs while for jinzora it takes more than 3 hrs).
  29. bwolff

    bwolff Networkin' Nut Member


    could you please try to run the new utorrent client (http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/linux) in NAS200? i'm not asking for you to replace ctorrent but an alternative to that for whom can't get it to work properly... :frown: :wink:

    I know that utorrent is still alpha but I think that it will be usefull to know if it can become a good alternative to ctorrent or not (in matter of resources, stability and speed). After all it is a project that is being developed and will be having support for some time :biggrin:

    I'm waitting for GnFi's so kalled "ctorrent manual" to check on my configs but I really think that the problem in my case is in the hardware rather than in a bad configuration.
  30. GnFi

    GnFi Networkin' Nut Member

    damn mate i forgot it...... i will post it tomorrow. Sorry.

    In my case with 2 NAS200 in 2 different environments ctorrent is working like a charm. Really lite too.
    I will start in an hour or so to write the guide :D

    For faster i will make a new thread and post my conf for start. You will be able to compare it with yours
  31. GnFi

    GnFi Networkin' Nut Member

    I am really sorry mate i didn't completely finish the torrent guide. Was the thread i wrote helpful at least? I hope so.
    I wont be able to finish it this week. Things here in Greece are quite hard right now and i have to keep on running all day long to make way to live. I am really sorry for my delay.....
  32. urpyLLIKa

    urpyLLIKa Guest

  33. bwolff

    bwolff Networkin' Nut Member

    i've been researching for answers to my problems with ctorrent and I may found a solution (for some at least)... I've realised that any tracker that i configure is not available (maybe my isp is filtering them i don't know) and without that ctorrent won't download anything...

    so... utorrent has the solution for that because it supports DHT (distributed hash table) that compensates the fact that there are no active tracker's announces. and it seams to me at least a good reason to try it:)

    PS: another great advantage os utorrent is that it is able to prioritize and queue torrents:)
  34. davide1987

    davide1987 Networkin' Nut Member

    A nice thing that we can have in next ufs release is like a PVR.. u can connect ur webcam thougt the nas200 usb port and see it via a webinterface.. or u can implement a thing like oscam (u know ? for satelite smartcards) to run on nas200 and use a usb smartcard reader
  35. Juliano.Pita

    Juliano.Pita Addicted to LI Member

    still alive?


    Seems that the small community around the NAS200 slowly dewindled... guess it`s the products fault and it limitations.

    i`ve read that you managed to get printer and scanner sharing working... could you post at least the needed files to make them work with UFS200? Even if it`s a little rough... It would give my NAS200 a happy afterlife as a secondary backup solution and printer server (and maybe "scanner server"too, but I didn`t saw my Microtek Scanmaker 5900 on the SANE backends list...)

    That would be much appreciated, and thanks for all your work and times invested on our little sluggish machine!
  36. Red-Dragon

    Red-Dragon Networkin' Nut Member

    I sadly agree with you, I was dreaming about a 1.1 version, but I think I'll have to buy some new stuff! :smile:

    Thanks from me too!
  37. toxi

    toxi Networkin' Nut Member

    Have you guys thought of enabling a USB 2.0 to Network adapter to eliminate the network bottleneck? Is this even possible?
  38. Still_Awake

    Still_Awake Networkin' Nut Member

    Cool apps to build into UFS200 v1.1+

    Version Control Systems - (in order of importance)

    1. Mercurial (Hg)
    2. GIT
    3. Subversion (svn)


    Since this is a low power, embedded device running all the time...
    - An NTPD, if not in there already
    - A Nut daemon- to manage network UPS monitoring & alerting
    - A syslog daemon
    - Time machine backup... that'd be excellent
    - an online backup client... for DR to the max!

    - iTunes server? I agree with the previous poster- wouldn't that be a killer NAS app to include in the stack!

    USB boot is a boon... nice work Jac... if only the thing ran on FreeBSD though, like m0n0wall/pfSense and FreeNAS... not sure if this'd be possible but these are ideal for embeddded (already suppport ARM,x86 and others). They are really lean implementations, very polished. They also offer modular plug-in app frameworks... OpenWRT and the like are just nowhere close. harware support in FreeBSD can be pretty thin though
  39. tajudd

    tajudd Networkin' Nut Member

    Wow, you really don't understand the NAS200. 32MB ram (and 6MB is taken due to squashfs) 25MHz-ish 486-class system. It is not going to be responsive if you add *MORE* daemons to shuffle than the system already. The stock firmware maxes out the onboard RAM. I've got jac4's kernel and a generic userland running stable on my NAS (via USB stick) and because I'm not using linksys binaries to run the system, I found:

    FreeBSD does not support the NIC. CPU support should be OK, but it's got a linux mentality base so the redboot isn't going to easily work with BSD. The 8MB flash is a squeeze to get anything in, and I can't find FreeNAS that fits in 8MB.

    The RTC defaults back to mid-2009. I ran (and is running) a NTPd but it can't update the clock. No messages to state it has or will.

    The CPU has no 387 coprocessor

    The HDDs seem to be running in PIO mode (disk transfer speed/cpu usage)

    the pushable buttons on the system require kernel modules that must be stolen/pulled from the stock initrd.

    I'll provide the jac4 initrd if people want it, but it is an underpowered system that needs careful attention to what it really is running.
  40. Still_Awake

    Still_Awake Networkin' Nut Member

    Pfft! To think I was holding back on asking for PostgreSQL, Virtualbox and VMware. Jac did say 'wishlist'. Since everyone is cramming in BT clients I figured I should just ask. I'd be happy with Nut, SSH & Hg. I'd drop SMB for SCP and Hg. NFS perhaps... yeeee!

    @tajudd: Thank you for the detail. I was wondering what it really was (like) in layman's terms, so that tells me. I've only just broken my NAS200 out of its plastic box to 'workaround' the silly little fan that fails in slow mode first and doesn't warn anyone. Rather than pay $40 for a fan that needs to be replaced every year, I built a little metal rack for the two drives and plonked the top part of the case (the pcb, front, top & rear panels) on top. My ingenius temp sensor (the humble human finger) doesn't even need an entry in cron :)

    I've a single power supply running it and a gateway/modem off the UPS. With a new pair of 2TB disks (looks like the mirror will take 32 hours to build though, so am thinking about taking Jac's advice and just rsyncing/unisoning data between the two disks)... now come to think of it wouldn't that be good...

    ahhh... some more daemons for the wishlist...

    Unison, NFS (and EDIT- I somehow forgot; SNMPd...)

    It's a pity about Free/OpenBSD support. Oh well, there could be far worse ways to go than OpenWRT....

    @tajudd; I am a n00b, that was my first post ;) S_A
  41. tajudd

    tajudd Networkin' Nut Member

    LOL! :D "wishlist" understood. lol. I thought you were serious!


    Actually, I just found tonight the R6040 PHY was added into net, and seems to be in freebsd now too. (29 days ago)

    The sarcasm meter was off the chart on your last post. I'm sorry I misunderstood it and you had fun playing that on me. :D well done.

    please accept my apologies for what now seems an overly harsh reply to you.

  42. Still_Awake

    Still_Awake Networkin' Nut Member

    Heh, the good news doesn't stop with the NAS200. There is nothing like well made, basic hardware that can be bought for nix and run for years running new forms of 'nix.

    I can't wait for v1.1- it'll be the first time I run this thing off the factory firmware. I've had WAG54Gs and WRT54Gs for years and from day dot run them with open firmwares just to get them to do what they claimed on the box. Seeing the NAS200 looking to be more promising than some of those is just terrific. If only Linksys could be more creative, others wouldn't have to improve it. But I guess some need the challenge, so perhaps its a good thing ;)

    No need. Makes a refreshing difference from the flamewarz on some other warez sites!!!

    Seriously though, svn is not light on cpu or I/O, and FreeNAS could probably be 'lightened' significantly just by turning off a lot of services and logging. The plug-in framework, if it could fit, would be incredible- though whether the resources are enough for any real number of plug-ins is another thing. The thing is, it makes it very easy to see if a plug-in fits.
  43. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    does anyone here have the UFS200-v1.0.rar ??
  44. hmiprueba

    hmiprueba Reformed Router Member

    I have a problem with the UFS200!.
    I followed all steps until connect my usbdrive to NAS200, and then at power my NAS200 to follow with the configuration of the UFS200. I can not enter via SCP, either with putty, I can not see it on my network.
    I turn off the NAS200, remove the usbdrive usb1 port, and everything returns to normal.
    Clarified that the usbdrive works perfectly.
    I really want to see how the USF200 if anyone is interested or could already set, it really would be grateful for help.
  45. kurti

    kurti Reformed Router Member

    there is a problem with the boot file of version 1.1 of UFS200.
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